How to draw baby Girl || Su from Shugo Chara

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw a Girl hidden face with hat

Step 1

Create a large round for your head. then draw a teardrop on the body. This is the same for drawing the facial contours.

Step 2
Before drawing the facial features, we can draw the bangs. Draw four long strands that must be straight and long.

Step 3
Determine the contour of your head. create long curly curls. Then, on top of Su’s head Draw her clover.

Step 4
You are now able to draw the shape of Su’s face with her hairstyle.

Step 5
We’ll now apply these facial guidelines to sketch Su’s face. The eyes of Su are quite simple, they’re just regular circles. Draw a smile and eyebrows.

Step 6
This is where you draw the left-hand portion of her upper body. You’ll then trace the lower part of her long skirt, which is ruffled and ruched.

Step 7
Draw the puffy sleeves, and then add strokes to the pleated lines.

Step 8
The slip dress can be layered underneath her ruffled skirt. Make sure to make the tiny cloud appear as if it was the liner. We will then draw the arm and hand to complete the step.

Step 9
In the last drawing part, all you need do is draw the legs, and then make the shoes. Make sure you erase your mistakes and all the basic shapes and principles that you sketched in the first step.

Step 10
See how adorable Su Look at how adorable Su. All she needs is color make her look more luxurious and bring her self-love to life.

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