How to draw Baby Freddy Krueger

How to draw Baby Freddy Krueger

Step 1:

For the baby Freddy frame, draw the shapes and guides.

Step 2:

This will allow you to define Freddy’s large round face, and then draw the ear shape.

Step 3:

Now, we will draw the brim. It is too large for Freddy. However, it is still an adult hat that can be worn on the head of a small or baby.

Step 4:

Next, draw the facial guidelines.

Step 5:

Next, we will work on the expression. This can be achieved by drawing the nose in an angular shape. The brows will be drawn thickly and closely together. Once you are done, draw the mouth and add the teeth. You can then color the inside of the mouth and add details to the side and ear.

Step 6:

You can finish Freddy’s hat here by indenting the middle of Freddy’s hat.

Step 7:

Next, we will tackle the body. Start with the arms that are small enough for a baby. After that, add stripes to the sleeves. Next, add the clawed posed fingers. The knives are for the fingers on the left hand, while the regular hand has the knife in its place. Finish the shirt by adding details and shading the area where the cuffs are.

Step 8:

Now draw the rest of your shirt. You will notice that the shirt is torn at the ends.

Step 9:

Add details to the pants by drawing the legs, feet or shoes.

Step 10:

You can then erase any mistakes and add the distressed look to your pants.

Step 11:

Now baby Freddy can color in.

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