How to Draw Baby Chucky -

How to Draw Baby Chucky

How to Draw Baby Chucky

This tutorial is going to cowl how to draw the spooky personality Chucky (from the film Child’s Play) in a caricature style.

Chucky has come to be a well-known Halloween icon, the killer doll with the horrifying face and scarier story, even scarier than a voodoo doll! But do not worry, drawing him will be much less horrifying than seeing him.

You’ll locate it very effortless thanks to this step-by-step information which has easy instructions. The photos right here had been drawn digitally, however any media that makes strong traces with various thickness have to work for this project.

You will see in the image guidelines that new steps are drawn in blue whilst traces that must already be there are in black. You can additionally draw a cool animated film model of Chucky via hand.

You will want solely a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw Baby Chucky Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Starting with the eyes, begin with a small line in the center and a smaller curved line above it. On each side of the smaller line draw two downward facing crescent-moon shapes. Make football shapes for the eyes with two circles in the center, the smaller circle can be shaded in for pupils.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

2nd Step:

Under the first line you drew, put two smaller lines and a U shape in the center for the nose. Draw a smile under the nose and on each side draw a curved line for his cheeks. Under the smile draw an upside down U to be his chin. Then draw a big U underneath the whole face and on the left side draw a line with a long spike downward for his hair.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

3rd Step:

Starting at the top of the hairline on the left, draw 2 long wide spikes that go over his forehead, and then do another hairline on the right side of his face. Starting a few inches above the connecting lines draw a line wide around the outside of his hairline with bumps in it to be hair.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

4th Step:

Do the same thing on the left side and then draw a U underneath his chin but smaller than his jaw to be his neck. Make a small curved line for his shirt underneath that.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

5th Step:

From the left side of his neck draw a large C shape. Draw a line an inch from the curve of the C to be the inside of his arm and connect the middle of that line with the top of the C. At the end of the arm draw 4 thin U shapes for his fingers and a line across the top for his hand.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

6th Step:

Coming out of the left side of his hand, draw a long rectangle. Draw a long line on the right side of the hand and then draw the same hand upside down on the right side of the line, then connect the end of the line to be a rectangle on the other side. Connect the bottom line and draw ruler marks onto the long rectangle.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

7th Step:

Draw a U shape from the middle of the second hand to the middle of the ruler. Make a curved line from the right side of his neck down to the ruler. Draw the bottom of a square underneath his neck and put two big circles on both sides of his shirt.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

8th Step:

Draw two lines coming down the sides of his body and draw one boot by making an upside down U shape with two lines at the bottom and a lopsided square shape behind it.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

9th Step:

Draw the other boot the same way on the right side and connect his legs in the middle.

How to Draw Baby Chucky

10th Step:

Color and done!

How to Draw Baby Chucky



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