How to draw Babs Buttman using Pinky Malinky

How to draw Babs Buttman using Pinky Malinky

Step 1:

Draw the guidelines for the face, limbs and head in two circles.

Step 2:

Next, draw Babs’ actual face shape. It should look like a heart.

Step 3:

Next, we’ll work on her facial features. First, draw in the eyes and then color in the pupils. Once you have done that, draw the oval shape for your wide open mouth. You should also add the hairline and include the ear shape.

Step 4:

Draw out the big puff to style her hair. It is now sectioned.

Step 5:

Draw the body as clothes. Then add the ridged bands to the torso, and then two buttons with a buckle.

Step 6:

Draw her arms, hands and sleeves for her shirt. As you can see, she is in an active position.

Step 7:

Finally, draw the legs in a skinny noodle-style. You can also add stripes to her socks or shading to the upper part of her legs.

Step 8:

Your drawing is complete. You can now erase any mistakes or guidelines before coloring Babs Buttman.

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