Our team will be showing you how to draw an imageboard for permanent residents in today’s drawing lesson. We will be showing you how to draw a tard, as you probably guessed. This word is often misunderstood by Internet users. The term “b-tard” was born from the combination of the slang expression “b”, the name of the forum section that allows for discussion on any topic, and the English word “retard”. Many people associate b-tard with being unemployed, living with their parents, and having an antisocial lifestyle. Bird enjoys watching anime and cartoons about ponies.

Different people live in different circumstances. There is one thing that all b–tards have in common – they all share the same name: a regular user of forum partitions. This anonymous nickname is b-tard. It is a picture of an anonymous man wearing a paper bag on their head and a known name: b-tard. Let’s draw the b-tard.

Step 1
Draw a figure representing a tall, skinny male. A stickman of b.tard is a better example. You can learn more about the proportions of men by visiting our drawing tutorial How to Draw a Man. The main features of the figure of b–tard are:

A thin figure
narrow shoulders
Long limbs
As you can see we are not looking at the bird from its height but from its knees. There are many ways to achieve this effect:

Marking the head. Note that the eyeliner is slightly bent upwards.
The shoulder line is slightly rounded;
Visually, the hands were crossed at a higher point when we looked at the bird’s growth at its highest.
The curvature of our spine gives us the impression that the bird is seen from the bottom upwards.

Step 2
The entire body of the board can be represented in several geometric figures. Since b-tard are not known for their athleticism, the arms and torso are described as thin cylinders. The circles can be used to identify the joints of the arms, elbow, and shoulder. Important: In the previous step, the arms must be drawn with your hands.

Draw the groin as a triangle. Legs should be elongated and slightly tapered towards the knees. Draw circles around the knees. Be aware that your legs shouldn’t be too bulky.

The bag on the top of the head – Can you imagine b-tard with this element absent? The contours are drawn, with the focus on the head. The package’s contours are slightly tilted to match the contours on the head.

Step 3
Draw the bag. Draw the bag’s face. Pay attention to the uneven bottom. Draw a triangle on the upper right and a long line through the bag. Draw the opening for your eyes on the front of the bag (focus on the guidelines). Next, fold a pair vertically – one at the top and the other on the right. The bulging Adam’s Apple should be drawn in the same step.

Step 4
The bulging collarbone is drawn – it’s important to show the slim physique of Internet forum users. Next, draw the collar area. Finally, outline the contours for angled shoulders. From the shoulders to elbows, the sleeves of the sweater of b–tard extend from the shoulders up to the elbows.

Move on to the next step. Draw the fingers of the left hand of b-tard and the wrist of his right.

Step 5
We are now on the penultimate step of the step-by-step drawing tutorial on how do you draw aboard. Now we will draw the details of clothing for our bird, who is wearing tight-fitting jeans with light sneakers. All guidelines left over from the previous steps must be erased. Next, draw the outer lines for the jeans. Don’t forget to draw the folds on the jeans of B-tard.

Step 6
These shadows look more like a single layer of light shading. Shadows can be seen on the bag’s inner side, the jacket of our hero, and under crossed arms. As you can see, the figure of b-tard is in anime.

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