Enjoy your day! We created a new drawing lesson where we will discuss drawing Korra. You probably know that Korra is a little girl with the power of fire, water, and earth. In this lesson, we’ll apply the techniques of the anime style, and of course, we’ll go over certain rules for drawing feminine bodies.

Step 1
Draw the Stickman (in this instance – women). Take a look at the guide on drawing the female figure. This tutorial explains the fundamental guidelines for drawing female figures. However, Korra’s shoulders are slightly larger than the shoulders of a normal girl.

Step 2
In this section, we’ll begin drawing the silhouette. In the final step, you will be able to create an elegant feminine silhouette.


The neck should resemble an elongated, thin cylinder.
The neck and hands should be sleek and elegant No thickening or sagging;
The body must be in an hourglass form. Slim waist, with chest, broad shoulders, and broad hips.
The hips of the upper region should be rounded before they are gradually narrowed to those knee joints.
Also, the model Korra’s supposed to look elegant. If you see in your image huge feet, hands, or shoulders, make certain to correct this.

In this stage, it is important to draw the major lines of the face.

Step 3
We will continue this tutorial, in which we explained how to draw an Avatar In this instance, it’s Korra. Take the facial lines of the previous step to guide you and sketch out the features of Korra’s facial appearance. eyes the nose, mouth, and eyes. The eyes are almond-shaped the nose and mouth look like a dash.

In this way, too also, the desired shape of Korra’s hair is revealed. In the fourth season of the series, Korra changed her hair from long to short haircut. Many believe that because of this, she was more attractive and feminine. This process appears to be easy, however, the steps taken in this manner are extremely important. We made sure to do this close-up

And the general plan

Step 4
Draw Korra’s face in great detail. In this step, we will draw the final image of hair. Make sure to draw smooth lines while drawing hair. Remember that all hairstyles that use lines have to be drawn from the root until the hair’s end.

The closing:

The general plan

Step 5
In this phase, we’ll create the clotting. If you take a look at the image to this point you’ll notice the distinctive feature of the upper part of her body, dressed in tight clothes. On her legs, you will observe a broad and airy pair of pants.

Step 6
Remove all unnecessary lines from the hands as well as the body. Additionally, in this step, we’ll sketch the hand of our protagonist. Drawing the palm is a difficult task, which is why we have a specific post ( look here) and the final step:

General plan:

Step 7
The last step of the course is drawing Korra to include details on the legs by drawing folds in the fabric and then adding shadows.

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