Hello, dear artists! In this drawing course, you’ll learn how to draw Avatar Aang from the popular cartoon.

Highly entertaining and top-quality animation that tells the story of Aang, the boy. Aang who is able to control the air with the assistance of magic powers was released in 2005. Even though the story lasted for an extremely brief time, three seasons, it brought back vivid and memorable memories. Drawing tutorials on Avatar Aang is not hard, or, rather it’s not any more challenging than other drawing tutorials that follow the anime style on our site. Let’s begin, and learn the art of drawing Avatar Aang with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1
The first step isn’t significantly different from the initial stages of drawing lessons taught by other artists who aren’t related to anime. As you may have guessed, at the beginning of the process, we draw the figure of a stickman. Because we draw characters from anime and his head is a bit higher than the head of a normal man. In the rest of the drawing of us, we draw the typical stickman’s head first using an oval, then we draw the “skeleton” part of his body by drawing simple lines.

Step 2
In this stage, first, we draw the horizontal and vertical lines of the faces. Horizontal lines signify (the top-down):

Eye line (located about in the middle of the zone);
The line of the nose
Line of mouth.
Below the head, draw the neck into a long cylindrical. Below the neck, sketch out the torso. Remembering to keep your eyes on the line that was drawn in the previous step. Draw two circles to represent the shoulders. Draw the arms as shapes of elongated cylindrical cylinders. Sketch on the arms. As the last step of this process, draw the feet, and draw the stick that holds Aang’s hands. Aang.

Step 3
It’s a simple step. Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, you must begin adding details to Avatar Aang. The way we draw is always beginning from bottom to top and this part of the course will be the same. With your eyes focusing on the lines on the face from the previous step, draw your major features. Of course, remember to think about the arrow that runs across the forehead.

Step 4
In this step, we’ll add specifics to face. Eliminate the guidelines on the face and draw the eyes. It should look something like our example:

Step 5
Okay, now we sketch the cape worn by Avatar Aang. The collar shouldn’t be tightly fitting – as you will observe, between this section that is the cape’s neck and this part, there is a substantial distance. The cape must drop down loosely. Make use of wavy and light patterns to create the cape.

In the same manner, make the trousers of Avatar Aang. They should also be loose as should the upper portion of the dress of Aang.

Step 6
This drawing step shows the hand of Avatar that grips tightly on the rod (to find out more about the hands, see drawing lessons on drawing hand drawings). After that, draw a circle around the upper part of your body by drawing precise and accurate lines. Remove all unneeded guidelines. Make sure to fold some fabric.

Step 7
The same action can be drawn using the lower portion of the torso as well as the legs in Avatar’s Aang. Eliminate the guidelines of the previous steps, then clean the drawing by erasing guidelines and you’ll get the same result as our example:

Step 8
Then we draw Avatar Aang. In reality, the shadows drawn during this process are simple. They are created using single-layer hatching of moderate intensity. They can be seen around the neck beneath the collar, on the right side of the sleeves, and on other parts of the garment.

A drawing tutorial drawing Avatar Aang: The Final Airbender was over.

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