How To Draw Autumn Eye Makeup

How To Draw Autumn Eye Makeup

Step one:

Start by applying the dark, thick, bright lining of the upper eyelid makeup. Apply the liner color and you’re done.

Step two:

Then, draw the eyelid’s top and then draw the crevasse or crease. Apply lashes in the same way as you can move on to step 3.

Step three:

Draw the pupil and the iris and then fill in the pupil with color.

Step four:

In this step, you draw the eyeball’s shape. Then draw the lower lid line , which must be also thick dark, bold and strong. Make sure you have the lower lashes in place Then proceed to the fifth step.

Step five:

Color and draw the eyebrows, and then draw the fall designs that include leaves, moons stars, moons and anything else you’d like to include. If you’ve made mistakes, it is possible to erase these right now.

Step six:

The line art is similar to the illustration you see here. The design is colored and that’s all there is to it.

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