How to Draw Asuna, Asuna From Swords Art Online

How to Draw Asuna, Asuna From Swords Art Online

Step one:

Draw the outline of Asuna’s head. Then sketch using the facial lines. Then draw the torso, then the neck.

Step two:

Draw out the form of her face, followed by her voluminous bangs and hair falling on the sides. The ends should appear shredded. Draw the neck, and then move on to step 3.

Step three:

Make sure to draw in her large eyes. The lines on the top of her lids should be dark and bold. Draw the nose first, and then her mouth, then by the blush lines.

Step four:

We will now take on the making for her shoulder. Draw the torso and draw the choker around her neck. The torso should also reveal the shape of her bosom.

Step five:

Draw the remainder of her head , then the length of straight, long hair. Make a braid on the headand apply all the details too.

Step six:

Draw the straps that are on her chest, and then draw and color the tattoos of her arms, and the details in the design and detail on her gown. Clean up the mistakes and you’re finished.

Step seven:

Here’s Asuna all set to be colored in. Here’s hoping you enjoyed the drawing Asuna in Sword Art Online.

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