Drawing lessons on comic book characters is one of the most requested on our website. The majority of the time, we draw comic book characters drawn from Marvel and DC However, our users frequently ask us to draw different Comic book characters. We will teach how to draw Astro Boy. and the art of drawing Astro Boy.

Step 1
This lesson will be incredibly easy. It will begin by having us draw the outlines of the head of the circle and the body of Astroboy. To do this we have used extremely simple geometric shapes, like circles and Cylinders. It is important to note that lines must be thin.

Step 2
To make it even easier for you to draw Astro Boy, in this step, we’ll sketch the most basic of details. We’ll start with the head, and then draw the outline of the eyes as well as some hairstyles that are unusual. Then sketch out your fingers and shorters and footwear. The sketch should sketch using the shortest and thin lines.

Step 3
Find the eyes with oval shapes with round pupils within them. Then, draw the outline that defines the appearance of our character’s face as well as the hairstyle of Astro Boy. Draw the mouth, nose eyebrows, ear, and frown that we have drawn for our characters. If you completed the task exactly as we did in our illustration, proceed to the next stage.

Step 4
An easy step where we only have to circle the outlines of the arms and torso. Draw fingers carefully and then remove any unnecessary guidelines from this Astro Boy’s drawing. Be aware of the fact that in this sketch, there shouldn’t be too many details that are really just the fundamental contours.

Step 5
It’s the time for drawing Astro Boy’s legs. In the same way, the torso, draw gently both shoes and legs. At the same time, it is necessary to draw the fire that is coming out of the character’s feet. At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate all guidelines that are unnecessary in our sketch.

Step 6
Here’s the last part of the tutorial on drawing Astro Boy. In this part, we’ll have to draw the eyes as well as the hair and shorts and leave a sparkle, like the artists in our class did. Also, another tiny detail is the eyelashes. They must be drawn using the aid of extremely short lines.

You can tell the lesson was incredibly easy, and we are hoping that even the most talented artists will be able to master this lesson. If you have any issues do not hesitate to tell us about the issue. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions about our site or drawing lessons.


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