How to Draw Asian Eyes Step by Step || Realistic Eye Drawing

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to draw a Girl face (side view) Step by Step

Step 1 Step 1: Draw the circle

Begin by drawing a blurred circle. This is what we call the eyeball. It doesn’t need to be perfect since we’ll remove it completely later.

Step 2: Pick an angle

The eyes can tilt various ways. Choose the offset you would like for your eyes and draw a line along the circle with the angle you desire. Note: In this tutorial the left-hand part of the circle is going to represent the inner part of the eye.

Step 3. Draw the inner corner of your eye.

There are many shapes to draw the inner corner of your eye. I created the deep V, however, you could draw a U, or an amalgamation of both and the list goes on. It could be wide, narrow or deep, shallow small or even large.

Step 4: Draw the Top Cap

In keeping with the edges that you draw around your circles, mark your upper eyelid. It could have a variety of designs. Arches with high arches give you large eyes. I’m going to go with a medium-sized one. When drawing, imagine your eyes embracing the spherical eyeball. When drawing eyes with whites I like to close the line at the intersection of the line and circle however in the case of Asian eyes I would like to stretch the line out a little more. I prefer to do the same thing with the inside corner. The of the eye.

Step 5: Draw the Bottom Cover

Then, draw the cap’s bottom. Make sure to draw it as near to the line that we sketched in step 2. The lower cover will be less curly than the top cover, however it is not straight or flat.

Step 6: Folds

This is how we can make our eyes appear Asian and Caucasian. The kink will be drawn that runs across your upper lid. To make your eyes appear Asian draw a line with your pencil towards the inner part of your eye’s corner. The amount of reduction is yours to decide as in the picture below the crease appears only visible towards the end. For certain Southeast Asians, the wrinkle might be unnoticeable, while for others it could even be along the top lash line, instead of becoming tapered at the end. Here’s an example the parallel fold that is typical among those who are of Caucasian descent.

Step 7: Dismantle the border

Make sure to erase all of your construction lines, including Circles as well as lines.

Step 8: Add some details

In the inside of the eye is a region known as the caruncula. It’s a tiny bit made of pink soft flesh that is separate from the eyes. You can draw a line or two to symbolize the transition between these two forms. In the video that follows at the end of this article I’ll show you ways to draw it in shade. To draw the iris to the proper size, I’ll take a horizontal measurement of the eyeball and then divide the space into four. The iris is approximately a quarter of the eyeball. Example to draw a realistic the iris, draw a large circle, then erase the portions outside the eyeball. The process should be drawn with care. After you’ve found the location and size you’d like then darken the outline of your iris.

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