There are plenty of fruits and vegetables Isn’t it? Let’s go back to the theme of anime because we are sure you will love it. In this drawing class, we’ll teach you the art of drawing Ashitaka in Princess Mononoke.

Step 1

In the beginning, we draw a Stikmen (essentially the skeleton of a character). In this drawing course, we draw an adult stickman drawn by a teen boy. There is no evidence of anime in this drawing, despite the fact that we sketch in this manner. So we’ll draw using the rules for drawing stickmen from our article that showed ways to draw a young male. Check out this article – it will make it much easier to draw.



Step 2

Then, go to the torso which narrows a bit to the area of the pelvis. Then sketch out the limbs. The knees and shoulders are drawn in the shape of circles, and the legs and arms are drawn in a form that resembles a cylindrical figure.


Step 3

This is the final stage of drawing basic contours. Utilizing circles and short lines, we sketch the principal aspects of the face. One round figure indicates the hair’s outline. In this stage, we’ll also sketch the approximate dimensions of our character’s clothing and weapons.


Step 4

In this stage, we get to work on the final aspects. We begin by using the head, slowly sketching the contours of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then trace an outline for a slimming down facial, ear, and hair. It should be a classic anime face. Remove all unnecessary instructions in Ashitaka’s sketch. Ashitaka sketch.


Step 5

In the seventh step, we’ll be working on the specifics for the upper body. With black and clear lines, we can draw the outline of the arms and torso. Eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from our body of our character, and draw the required folds and other details.


Step 6

Here we are taking one of the most challenging steps. This is the drawing of arms. You can draw the outline of sleeves and shoulders without issues. To draw the palms, you’ll certainly require to take this drawing class where we will teach drawing hands.


Step 7

In the seventh step In step number seven, we include details on the leg legs of our characters. Make folds to the pants. Following this, you can apply some folds to your Ashitaka shoes. Be sure to erase all additional guidelines that were created during the earlier steps.


Step 8

Now, it’s an opportunity to sketch the shadows. This will create the Ashitaka appear more impressive. We must first identify what light source is responsible to draw shadows in areas with the lowest light. Shadows are usually drawn using thick hatching.


We wish you an amazing experience. If you are also a fan of the idea of anime or manga, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and also go to our category called “Anime”. Within this section, we provide not only the more difficult lessons such as this, however, but we also offer easy and adorable lessons where we are taught how to draw characters in chibi. In the near future, the chibi Ashitaka will be available. Ashitaka will be added to

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