Dear comic book fans and artists, We will show you how you can draw Armored Batman. We showed how to draw Batman. In the other, we showed how to draw armor. Today’s lesson will bring it all together.

Step 1
So, let’s get started. As usual, we’ll sketch the skeleton for our dark Knight. As a guide, we first draw an oval. Next, draw the spine, chest, and pelvis in the same way as our example. The arms and legs can be drawn at the end of this step. The pose of our hero, however, is not typical. We view him from the bottom.

Step 2
The second step in all lessons about people.

We always add volume and this lesson is no exception. Next, draw the lines for the face. Next, draw the neck. Connect the chest to the pelvis. Use circles and cylinders to draw the arms and legs.

Step 3
Let’s add some details to our Batman’s head. The horizontal line drawn in the previous step will be the eye. Draw the mouth opening and the mouth. Draw the characteristic horns or ears at the end of this step. ).

Step 4
This step will be used to draw the head of Batman. All extra lines should be erased from the head. As in the example, draw all details on the face. You can also add creases around your mouth.

Step 5
You can add details to your Batman costume. Draw details on the torso first. Next, draw the belt and spikes for the hands. The cape is drawn at the end of this step.

Step 6
Continue with the drawing lesson How to Draw Armored Batman. All lines beyond the torso should be erased. Draw lines with armor and a belt over your shoulder.

Step 7
Let’s move on to the arms. Although there are many lines, it is actually much easier than you might think. There are three main parts to the arms: the shoulders, upper arms, and hands.

Step 8
Keep the steps the same as the previous step. Draw the details and necessary parts of the costume. We only show one variant of Batman’s armored costume. You can also choose from any other variant.

Step 9
This concludes the lesson on how to draw Armored Batman. Draw the legs. Draw the cape using curved lines. You can either make the lower line of your cloak torn as in our example, or you can keep it straight. You can also add shadows in a realistic style (as shown in the lesson Viking) and in a comic book style (as shown in the lesson Spider-Man).

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