How To Draw Arceus from Pokemon

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Spyro from Skylanders || Dragon Drawing

Step 1

It all began with this sassy girl! lol XD It doesn’t look fun doesn’t it? The head should be a tiny oval with a depression to form the head and a wide circles for body. Make four lines along the bottom of the leg for legs, one on the back, as well as one to the left side on the top.

Step 2

Draw the four legs in the manner illustrated. They’re quite heavy and have rounded edges on the upper.

Step 3

Begin drawing the ears, and then draw details on the neck and head. Create a line around the loose lines on the top and draw the outline of the tail. Be aware that the tail is not straight.

Step 4

Draw body parts like the red. The lines you draw appear to wrap around your body. It must have a curvature to it.

Step 5

Draw the body panels you started with in the previous step. At the tips of your feet, sketch small curving lines to create the design.

Step 6

Draw an oval to create the chest and face plate, or refer to it as that. XD You can draw a second wavy line along the top of the flame area.

Step 7

This is the most difficult part! If you take a look at the photo and see a lot of red lines that are bold do you not? All red lines have to be removed. Remove all lines within the areas I highlighted. It’s quite confusing with all the different things happening simultaneously, but focus on one area at a time , and make sure you erase all sections I highlighted prior to moving onto your next stage.

Step 8

Make circles on each of four points on the face. After that, you can finish the face. To the left you’ll notice some darker red lines. Remove those lines. Move to another step!

Step 9

After you’ve completed your work and erase the lines I gave you, this is the final result of your image will appear like. After all the lengthy steps, you’re done! ^ _ ^

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