It’s the start of the age of wireless technology that is air-based you think? We decided to stay on top of the trends. We created an art lesson on drawing Apple AirPods step by step.

Step 1

The first step is to draw a normal quadrilateral. Then, you must divide it into two equal parts. You can see that in the initial step we sketched out the headphone case.


Step 2

Now you can sketch the contours of the headphones themselves. Don’t attempt to draw lines that are perfect There are only two rectangular shapes and two circular ones.

Step 3.

Do you remember the way we split this quadruple into two equal parts in the initial step? Let’s start on the top portion. It is recommended to draw a symmetrical rounded figure inside this portion.

Step 4

It’s an easy step. The only thing we have to do is remove the extra instructions that we have learned in previous actions and then draw highlighters on our headphones.

Step 5

The last step is drawing the shadows. Utilizing the hatching process, draw shadows on the side on the side of the box. Following that, we hatch create shadows on the headphones.

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