Hello! Today we’ll sketch one of the more terrifying creatures from the universe of Marvel. In this drawing, we will teach the viewers how to draw the Apocalypse of Marvel.

Step 1
It starts with a to draw a picture for the man with a stick. We see the form of a large strong, muscular man. The character we are watching has broad shoulders and a huge pelvis. We also are a hypersthenic body.

Step 2
In the next step of all comics lessons characters, we always increase the volume of the stickman. This means that in this lesson we’ll repeat the same thing.

Step 3
Let’s sketch out the intricate details of the colossal face of our character. In this stage, we’ll sketch out the specifics of the face, and sketch out the contours of the body armor.

Step 4
We will now sketch the facial characteristics of Apocalypse. The face of the Apocalypse should be terrifying and strange. Look at this strange face with a crooked mouth.

Step 5
We continue our drawing lesson in which we show you drawing Apocalypse in Marvel. Draw the pentagonal collar. Draw shoulder pads, wide pectoral muscles, and the hero’s logo in the waistband.

Step 6
Let’s draw the arms. Draw the muscles of the arms and the huge gloves with hoses that go between the pelvis and the back. Forearms look particularly big because of the huge bracelets.

Step 7
In this drawing, we will sketch the legs and pelvis in more detail. Draw the outlines of the muscles of the legs as well as the distinctive boot of the Apocalypse.

Step 8
The final step in this lesson is to work using shadows. The first step is to draw the outline of areas in which shadows are expected to be.

Darken the areas using an easy pencil. The idea is to get shadows that resemble thick black spots. This is the way creators of comic art paint shadows.

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