How To Draw Anubis Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Cartoon Squirrel Step by Step

Step 1

As we said in the introduction of this drawing tutorial for Anubis This one is based on the head of an animal. We’ll start with that in this initial step.

There’s lots of details in Anubis face and head, and this is the stage in which you may want to attempt to recreate exactly how Anubis’ head appears in our illustration.

The face is very sharp with eyes drawn in a manner that creates Anubis an extremely serious face.

He has ears that are very pointed He also has some curvatures on the side of his head. It’s almost giving it the appearance of the hat of a cobra.

Make a few small details to the neck, and you’re all set for the next step!

Step 2. Draw the shoulders and chest to create Anubis
Then, we will draw the chest and shoulders for the Anubis drawing in the next step.

In the beginning, we’ll add contouring details to the hood of his face, as well as on the rim of his head is connected to his body. Once you’ve finished adding these details then you can begin drawing the shoulders and arms of his.

We’ll employ curves to draw his chest and shoulders muscles, as seen in the image reference.

In the final stage, you can make use of some circular shapes to create the muscular biceps , which are connected on his shoulders. You could also trace the sides of the chest with additional curves.

Step 3 – Then Draw the other details of his chest and arms.
The arms were first introduced in the first step of this tutorial on Anubis, and now we’ll complete them with some additional information.

Expand his arms by adding some smaller curves. After that, we’ll draw the wristbands he’s wearing. The bracelets will appear big and intricate and extend to a pointed end, as seen in our image reference.

You can draw your hands with curving lines. His fingers will be long and sharp with sharp nails on the tips of them.

After you’ve finished the arms, you can expand his chest and belly down further. Additionally, draw many curves in this area to help build up muscles.

Step 4: Now draw another set of clothing for Anubis
In this Anubis drawing, the artist is wearing a lavishly made dress.

This is what we’ll draw in this section and it’s time to start drawing the icon that will act as a lanyard to him. It will be attached to a strap that you draw with curvatures that are diagonal.

We’ll then draw an incredibly thin, long piece of fabric, with many details dropping into the icon.

Make sure to finish this section with some curves to the sides of the skirt and you’ll be prepared to finish the details in the next section.

Step 5 – Add additional details to your drawing
Before coloring this god it is necessary to finish the final details of this stage in the Anubis Drawing Tutorial.

The final thing to draw is the legs. Similar to the rest in his body these will appear to be muscular and thin and can be drawn with a few lengthy and rounded lines.

Similar to his hands, his feet include a long set of toes, with sharp claws on their end. Once you’ve drawn the legs, you’re ready to take on the next step!

Before moving on to the next step, you should include any other information or backgrounds that you would like to include in your sketch.

Step 6 – Complete your drawing of Anubis using colors
We will now finish this Anubis illustration by adding coloring. Anubis can be interpreted in a variety of interpretations in the visual world which means you are in a great position when it comes to coloring his face.

We decided to keep the color scheme quite muted for our test image. This means that we utilized darker gray to paint his entire body, and we added some blue and yellow to color his clothing and his head.

This is the color we chose to use and, while you could choose similar colors if like the look, it is recommended to select any color you prefer to create the image.

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