How to draw Anubis and Grim Reaper

How to draw Anubis and Grim Reaper

Step 1:

Let’s get started. Draw all the shapes and guidelines that will be used to create the body of the figures.

Step 2:

Begin with Anubis. Start by drawing in the muzzle or nose, then draw the mouth and teeth.

Step 3:

Next, you’ll draw the structure and face shapes. Then, you’ll draw the shape of your eye. This is a detailed lesson so take your time. You will also need to add all the details to the face. You will also need to draw the ears.

Step 4:

Draw the rest of your head coverings, which will shape the Anubis’ head. Add all the details and definitions that go with it.

Step 5:

Let’s draw the body. Start with the arms, then draw the hands. He is holding a talisman in one hand. Next, draw the rest of Anubis’ body around his waist and torso.

Step 6:

This step will show you how to draw the huge swirl of smoke that surrounds both figures. This step is very detailed so take your time. The Anubis staff should be drawn. Next, draw the entire staff design at the top.

Step 7:

Next, you can begin to draw the Reaper. Draw the Reaper’s head, face, and then add the tattered and worn cloak. He is holding a lantern, and the scythe. His arms will appear skeletal when you draw them. Sketch in the details and definitions throughout Grim’s design.

Step 8:

Finally, create the blade by drawing the scythe. Once you’re done, you can remove any mistakes or visible guides.

Step 9:

This is it. Now you can add color if needed.

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