Dear artist, as well as Marvel Comics, fans We will teach the viewers the art of drawing the Ant-Man of Marvel.

Step 1
The drawing tutorial starts by drawing a stickman. The first step is to draw the head in the shape of a flattened egg. Then sketch the back. The spine is sketched on the pelvis and the chest. With simple lines, draw legs and arms.

Step 2
We now need to add some height to the Ant-Man’s physique. First, draw two lines that cross at the center of his face. ¬†With the aid of simple geometric shapes, we trace the contours of our legs and arms.

Step 3
In this section, we’ll define the most basic aspects. Start with the head and outline an interesting helmet as well as outline the facial features. Next, move to the torso and draw the outline of the costume as shown in our illustration.

Step 4
Draw out the specifics of the face as well as the helmet, as illustrated in our illustration. Then make the headdress and eliminate all hairlines.

Step 5
We now move on to the corpus. Utilizing black and white lines, we sketch the contours of our costume’s specifics. Make sure not to get lost in these specifics. Be sure to draw the outline of the pectoral muscle and abdominal muscles, ribs, and thorax. Make sure to draw the collar, circle, chest, and belt.

Step 6
Then let’s sketch the arms. The first step is to draw the deltoid muscles. Then, below them, draw the triceps, biceps, and muscles of the forearms. Draw hands with fists clenched and erase the instructions. Do not forget that we have an additional drawing lesson on drawing hands.

Step 7
We remove the extra lines and strokes that were drawn in the previous two steps and then draw the final outline of the legs of Ant-Man. Draw the outline of his muscles, and joints like you see in the example. After this step, draw the shoes.

Step 8
We are now at the final step in this drawing tutorial. In this section, we’ll work using shadows. The first step is to draw areas where the shadows will be. Then, you can make these areas darker using an easy pencil. There is no need to draw intricate shadows or highlights, just dark spots.

This concludes this drawing lesson. Don’t ignore that there are a large number of drawing lessons on the characters from Marvel comics on our website. Please do not neglect to pass on this or other drawing lessons, and join our social media channels.

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