3dvkarts has a tutorial that shows you how to draw Anna Williams step-by-step. One of the most beloved female characters in the series of Tekken is her sister. Irish-born and raised. Nina Williams’ younger sister. She was also a bodyguard for Kazuya Mizuya.

Step 1
As in all lessons on drawing people (Tekken allows you to see more than people), we begin with a stickman. You can see how the central axis curves gracefully. Although the pelvis of women is wider than that of men, it appears narrower from our perspective due to the reversal. You can also choose to do any other pose. Draw the head in the shape of an egg inverted, and draw the body using simple lines.

Step 2
Let’s now give the figure a 3-dimensional shape. The body must look feminine and elegant. The body should be represented as rounded shapes with smooth curves. The graceful, thin neck is also important. Draw the torso after the neck. It should be narrower in the waist area. Use curves to draw the arms and legs. Use circles to draw the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Remember to include the lines of facial symmetry.

Step 3
You can also check the proportions by bringing your drawing to the mirror. You will see all errors and inaccuracies. Now let’s draw. We now need to draw the contours for the hairstyle, using the contours on the head.

Step 4
Now you can remove the extra lines from your head so that you can see details such as the eyes, nose, and eyebrows. We also outline the contours for a waving gown in the same step. Anna can be seen in many different costumes. You could see her wearing a variety of shorts, dresses, or other clothing. Anna clothing can be purchased to suit your tastes.

Step 5
This section will be dedicated to hair care. The hair should be drawn from the roots to the tips. It is important to note that hair must not be straight, but convey motion.

Step 6
Now, who works with arms? It is necessary to remove the lines from the arms. Draw the gloves of Anna Williams starting at the middle of her upper arms. Next, draw graceful fingers with long nails. (How does she fight with such nails?) Remember that your arms should be elegant and subtle.

Step 7
We now need to draw the contours of our bodies and clothes. The contours of your breast and torso are drawn. Draw a round contour for the buttocks. Draw the lines and seams of the clothing.

Step 8
The lesson on how Anna Williams is almost over. It’s now time to finish the lesson. Remove the guides from your legs. You will need to draw the lines. Draw the lines for shoes, stockings, and suspenders.

Step 9
As in the example, paint your hair. Use lite and short hatching to add shadows.

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