How to Draw Anime Wolf Girl Step by Step

This tutorial will show you how to draw an anime wolf girl wearing animal ears. This tutorial includes step-by-step illustrations and detailed drawing instructions.

Anime wolf girl drawing step by step

There are many animal-like characters in manga and anime. This tutorial will show you how to draw a female anime wolf-like character.


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Use pencil and paper to follow this tutorial. Make sure you draw lines you can easily erase. As you move through the steps, this will be a must.

Step 1 – Draw your Head

Anime wolf girl head drawing

Draw the head, neck, and shoulders.

To ensure that your head/neck/shoulders are equally wide, first, draw a horizontal line through the center of your drawing area.

To draw the head, first, make a rough circle at the top of it and then project the lower part of the face downwards from there.

Step 2: Draw the Ears

Anime wolf girl ears drawing

The ears should be drawn long, as the hair will cover a lot of them. The overall shape of your ears should curve towards the head, then back toward one another.


To show fur-covered ears, you can add a few tiny splits to the ends.

Step 3 – Position your facial features

Anime wolf facial features drawing

As shown in the example, place the facial features. These proportions are identical to those used in the and net tutorials.

The horizontal halfway point of your head should be just below your eyes. The pupils should be rounded. Keep the inner edges of the top eyelids slightly lower. The top of your pupils should be slightly covered by your top eyelids.

The eyes will look more like wolves if they have round pupils, rather than the oval-shaped oval anime pupils that are often stretched vertically.

A little bit higher than the eyes, you will see thicker eyebrows. You can also view:

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The vertical halfway line between the nose and the forehead should be drawn. You are really just drawing the shadow of the nose.

Place the bottom lip of the mouth between your nose and your chin, and then draw the mouth slightly higher than it. This will create a wide smile. This can be done depending on what kind of character you are looking for, but photos of real wolves will show that their mouths have a smile-like shape. The bottom lip, just like the nose, will be just an outline of the shadow that is now cast on the chin.

For a more in-depth breakdown of drawing a female facial, see:


Step 4 – Draw your hair

Anime wolf girl hair drawing

You can make your character appear wilder and more wolf-like by having messy hair in big clumps.

You can split the hair into three parts to make it easier to draw. The sides (green), the front (red), and the back (blue).

Draw the front section first, then the sides and the back.

After you have finished drawing the hair, remove the hair from the ears and parts of your head.

Here’s a tutorial about drawing various types of anime hair:

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Step 5: Draw the Ear Fluff

Anime wolf girl ear fluff drawing

Add fur or fluff to the ears to make them look more wolf-like. You can draw the fur in random-sized clumps that point in slightly different directions.

Step 6 – Draw details of the Face

Anime wolf facial details drawing

This stage will give you a good idea of your character and allow you to move on to the details.

Add the inner eye parts, such as the pupils and highlights/reflections.

Here’s a breakdown of how to draw female eyes:


Tutorial Drawing Female Anime Eyes

You can also add bushy and large eyelashes to the area around your eyes.


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To give an indication of the individual hairs, add a few lines between the eyebrows. The eyebrows will look more like fur, making the character look even more like a wolf.

A solid black can be used to fill in the small bottom lip shadow.

Step 7 – Finish the line drawing

Anime wolf girl line drawing

Finish the line drawing by adding the collar bones and a hint about the clothes. To emphasize the wolf-like character, the clothing will be lined with fur.

You can outline this fur with a series of random zigzags. These can be drawn with light curves.

Learn more about drawing collar bones:

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Step 8 – Apply color

Anime wolf girl color drawing

The character can be colored with any color you like, but we chose grey for the ears. A blue with a little grey in it will be used for the hair/eyes/eyebrows.

Grey-colored wolves are often associated with winter snow-covered forests. The blue hair color will emphasize this.

Coloring on paper: Leave the highlight of your hair (shown in the next step) white, and then fill in the rest with one solid color. You can also add highlights to digital coloring.

Highlights in the eyes should be kept white. Fill in any areas that are not shaded with color.

The insides of the ears should be slightly darker than their exteriors when coloring them. Keep the ear fluff pristine white for this step.


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Step 9 – Finish the Drawing by adding Shading

Anime wolf girl drawing

Add some shadows to the areas where they are most likely. To create shadows and color patterns in the fur, you can add grey to the ear fluff.

In the following areas, add the shadows:

  1. Make shadows around the eyes and forehead with your hair.
  2. Shadows cast by the eyelashes on the top of the white areas of the eyes
  3. A tiny shadow on one side of your nose (outlined in previous steps; simply fill it up with a darker shade).
  4. A large shadow is visible in the inner portion of the “back hair”
  5. Shadow cast by the head on the neck


This tutorial was focused on creating an anime-like wolf-like female character. There are many other ways to draw a girl who looks like a wolf. Some characters in anime and manga are given wolf ears or other animal ears. Others have more animal-like features.

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