We will always be listening to your views. Based on the last comment we found that you love to draw anime. This is the reason we came up with another guide to help you draw anime step-by-step.

Step 1

First, we must define the fundamental proportions of our persona. The body is typical of a teenager. The proportions are defined by a head that is quite large as well as a short height and a dominant shoulder size over the pelvis. This latter characteristic is common for males generally.



Step 2

We’ll prepare our markups to be used in the future. Begin by drawing two lines that cross the head’s contour. The horizontal line is the one that runs through the eye. Vertical lines are an element that divides an individual facial appearance into equal parts. Be aware that the line between the eyes is lower than the conditional middle point.

Following that, we join the chest and the head with a circular. From the middle of the neck, you draw 2 more lines of oblique to the arms. In the final step, we draw a hexagon instead of a pelvis’s oval and join them to the chest using two concave lines.


Step 3

Include the approximate shape of the legs. Legs and arms look like small, elongated cylinders which have large joints that alternate. We decided to define those joints with circles during this stage. The sharp bends will create a figure that is more energetic and athletic. Do not use sharp bends in case don’t want to create this result.


Step 4

Let’s sketch out the face’s hair and features. Now you are able to explore our tutorials on the hair of anime or anime facial features. We covered these subjects in depth within these lessons. Pick the style and appearance of the character according to your preferences. In these articles, we will only discuss the fundamental principles of drawing. You can draw when you are willing to.


Step 5

Then, we can add details to the legs and bodies that make up our characters. In this stage, we will not focus on the small things. The goal is to draw the major details like the collar, tie, and the contours of the trousers. If you choose to draw looser clothing then you must make sure that you draw a distinction between the clothing’s contours as well as the contours of your body.


Step 6

We continue to follow our tutorial on drawing anime step-by-step. We now draw the face and, more specifically eyes. The part that is vertical of the eyes appears to be an enlarged vertical oval. The nose, mouth, and eyebrows are marked with small dots. If you are unsure regarding this instructional video then you should check out our guide for anime heads.


Step 7

We continue to tidy our drawings. We eliminate any excess lines from a professional shirt and tie. We outline small folds. If you decide to wear an alternative style of clothing then you can apply the detail to suit your needs.


Step 8

In this stage, we draw the hand’s final shape. Remember to think about the sleeves which, in our instance are raised to the upper part of the forearm. To draw the fingers of our character check out our video tutorial on drawing anime-style hands.


Step 9

We take out all the excess lines of the pants. In our situation, these are tight-fitting, strict pants. If you’ve painted looser clothes then you must apply a substantial number of folds that are vertical.


Step 10

The shadows are applied to the hands, neck, and clothes of our protagonist. As you can observe shadows, they are areas of single-layer light patterning. Shadows on clothes are typically near folds of the fabric. Also, do not overlook to check out our exclusive course on the fundamentals of working with shadows and light.


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