How to Draw Anime Socks, Stockings & Tights

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This tutorial will show you how to draw tights, stockings, and socks in anime and manga styles. It includes basic examples and tips.

Anime socks stockings and tights drawing

Socks, stockings, and tights are very common items in manga and anime, particularly because many of them feature a high school setting, where they are often worn with school uniforms.

These items take on the form of legs once they are put on. Drawing any one of these items will look very similar to drawing legs, but with a few extra steps.

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How to draw anime socks

Anime socks drawing step by step

You can generally show socks on your legs with just a couple of curves below the knees. To show your cuffs, you can add another curve to the lower part of the leg (with a lighter line if it is possible).

Anime socks drawing

Curves are naturally due to the curves of your legs. These curves are determined by the viewer’s eye level.

Anime socks eye-level drawing

If you were to look at someone wearing socks in front of your eyes, the curves would appear flat (as shown in this example in the first drawing). If your eyes are below the socks, such as when you look at someone who is standing above you, then the curves will go in the opposite direction (as illustrated in the second example).

If you are looking down at people’s feet, you will often see the curves in their socks.

The sock is drawn in this example with minimal detail. However, some scenes (such as close-ups of the feet or the feet) may show more detailed drawings. You will usually see something very similar to this example.

The socks in the drawing are also plain white, as is typical in anime. However, you can make them any color you like. How to Draw an Anime Panda Girl Step by Step

How to draw anime stockings

Anime stockings drawing step by step

Both anime and manga are full of “thighs high” stockings, probably more than they are in real life. They are not much different than the socks.

Anime stockings drawing

You can indicate the height of the stockings by drawing a pair of curves. However, the eye level rules described in the example for the socks still apply.

The stockings will appear closer to the “eye line” if they are higher up the legs. Their curves will be a little flatter than the ones in the first example.


Even if it is a simple stripe, anime stockings often have some kind of design element at the top. Of course, you can experiment with more complicated designs.

How to draw Anime tights

Anime tights drawing step by step

This is the easiest example. Tights simply hug the legs and reach to the waist, so there’s no need to draw lines. You can simply show them by coloring your legs any color you choose.

Stockings used in manga and anime are often black or dark grey, as shown in this example.


This tutorial will show you how to draw tights, stockings, and socks in anime and manga styles. The examples are drawn in a realistic way so that you can use the same explanations for drawing. We hope you find this useful.

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