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If you’re interested in learning the art of drawing anime and manga, then this drawing tutorial created by the team from 3dvkarts.net is specifically designed for those of you. This drawing tutorial for anime beginners will teach you the fundamentals and provide you with useful techniques to assist you in drawing anime of all kinds. In the beginning, by following the steps below, attempt to draw the image drawn by the 3dvkarts.net team. 3dvkarts.net After that, using the information you’ve learned create other characters to build your understanding.


Step 1

In order to draw an anime correctly, it is necessary to draw the anatomy of the character. Start by drawing the head of a person who is in the anime drawing the shape of an oval or a shape resembling an egg. Then, draw the spine’s line and sketch the chest as well as the pelvis. Draw the limbs in the format of straight lines, and joints in the shape of tiny circles.



Step 2

In order to draw an accurate anime face, you need to sketch lines that are symmetrical on the face. These lines should cross exactly in the middle of the face at the point where the nose bridge is. Then, draw the neck in the shape of a cylinder that is short. Then, go below and sketch the torso as well as the triangular pelvis.


Step 3

The next step is to sketch the limbs in the anime. Draw the limbs in the form of simple cylinders as well as joints that are in the shape of circles. Foot and hand should be drawn with simple geometric designs. The team at 3dvkarts.net would like to point out that you can draw anime characters of various sizes, which makes the geometric shapes that we’ve drawn more slender, thicker, and shorter.

Step 4

By using those lines that define symmetry on the face, draw the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, you can draw hair using a large number of lines that are light. Naturally, every anime character has distinctive hairstyles and facial characteristics Therefore, try experimenting, and changing these features to create distinctive anime characters.

Step 5

In order to draw an accurate anime body, in the first place, you must draw the basic features of the body and clothes. In this section, we’ll demonstrate how to draw the upper part of the body. Sketch the outline of the collars of the shirt, the jacket, and the tie that is narrow. The drawing depicts an anime-style boy wearing a traditional costume however, you could wear your own polo or t-shirt.

Step 6

Now, we must sketch out the details of the body of the character in the anime. With long, smooth lines, trace out shoes and pants. Don’t forget to include folds at the knee and on the very lower part of your pants. The anime character is drawn in traditional pants, however, you can also put shorts or Samurai trousers on him.

Step 7

In the final step, we completed the sketch of the anime character, and now beginning with this step, we’ll begin drawing anime using clear and precise details. With flowing lines, draw the contours of the eyes, face, and mouth. Then draw the hair of the anime character. After that, remove all unneeded hair guidelines.

Step 8

The next step is to sketch the torso of an anime character. With very dark and clear lines, trace the shirt jacket, and tie. Don’t forget to draw folds, pockets, and buttons in the areas that stretch and compress the fabric. Like in the previous step, you should use the eraser and remove any unnecessary instructions from the torso.

Step 9

Then we draw the anime character’s arms. With clear and dark lines trace the outline of the sleeves. Don’t neglect to draw folds in the same way as we did below. Draw the arms in the final stage with your hands. Once more, use the eraser, and then remove all guidelines from the upper body in totality.

Step 10

In this section of the tutorial for drawing anime, we’ll complete drawing the body. In this step, we need to draw the contours of pants without forgetting folds and seams. At the same time, the drawing of the shoes is completed. To ensure that your drawing appears neat and tidy get rid of all the guidelines.

Step 11

To give your drawing of anime an extra dimension, it is necessary to include shadows. To avoid being misled when making shadows, in the beginning, you need to find out where light comes from and then draw shadows with this in your mind. Shadows that are darker are applied using additional layers of hatching.

We’ve said that this easy lesson from the 3dvkarts.net team 3dvkarts.net on drawing anime is a type of fundamental instruction that will provide you with a reference to draw every character in anime, including Eren Yeager up to Naruto Uzumaki. Now, let’s look at some easy, but essential tips to help you improve your drawing skills. The most crucial factor for an artist is to have a regular and meticulous practice So, sketch and draw diverse and interesting protagonists and antagonists from anime. Try to recreate familiar characters from the past and also create your own unique characters. Don’t ignore you can join 3dvkarts.net on all social networks. 3dvkarts.net offers pages for the most well-known social media platforms (we have for instance accounts that are on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter) So be sure to sign up to receive the latest updates.


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