How To Draw Anime Santa Clause

How To Draw Anime Santa Clause

Step one:

Are you ready to go or not? Start by creating an elongated circle to represent the head. Next, sketch out a great size torso. Sketch the facial outline too.

Step two:

Utilizing the facial guidelines that you’ve created, start drawing the face, starting with the eyes, eyebrows and nose lines. Then, draw frown lines that surround the nostrils. Add bags under the eyes and an indent to the cheek.

Step three:

Make sure you have a large, long mustache. It should be a great styled stache for you.

Step four:

Draw a hairline sketch for his beard, which is drawn along the face’s side as if he likes to o, and then draw an awesome Santa hat that is straight instead of soft and puffy.

StepĀ  five:

Start sketching Santa’s beard and hair. Hair should be as long or as long as Santa’s beard. The hair should be inspected then move on to the sixth step.

Step six:

The next step is to take on the challenge of drawing the cape of a superhero. Begin at the shoulder and draw the cape that is being blown by the winter breeze. Fill the cape with puffy trim as that shown here.

Step seven:

I created an cartoon Santa in which his arms are crossed and now you can begin drawing your right hand. It is huge and has a lot of definition. Draw the fingers that have a square tip for a greater feeling of force. Also, draw the knuckle creases and nails, too.

Step eight:

Here you can sketch out your left arm and shoulder. Left arm put beneath the arm of the right, while your right arm is put beneath the arm of the left. Give muscle definition to both arms, so that they appear robust.

Step nine:

Now sketch the Santa’s body. You can tell, his shirt is short-sleeved and a bit baggy around the waist. Make sure to draw in the crinkle of the shirt that is tucked into his belt, and then draw the belt in.

Step ten:

Attach the thick trim on the Santa’s dress. Once you’ve finished, you can attach the buckle onto the belt and also the holes on the belt.

Step eleven:

Continue drawing out the long-length design of Santa’s shirts or short-sleeved jacket. You can add that thick trimming to the front, and then you can proceed to step 12.

Step twelve:

In the final step, you must finish the drawing of Santa’s cape. Draw the ruffled trimming at the edge or end of the cape in this manner and then draw in fold lines or crease lines to give an added dimension and style. Eliminate the mistakes and the guidelines as well.

Step thirteen:

After a long drive, the drawing appears similar to the one you see here, or very similar to it. Color everything to make this Santa Clause anime drawing stand out.

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