In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show viewers how you draw anime characters. We’ll be attempting to teach you the fundamental principles of making anime character drawings.

Step 1

We must first establish the fundamental dimensions of the character. The drawing guides in this guide show that you will see an ideal body shape for young men. We see a small oval for the head with high growth, long limbs, as well as the predominant shoulder width over the length that the pelvis.



Step 2

In this stage, we create our markups to be used in the following steps. In the beginning, we draw two crossed lines within an outline of our faces. The horizontal lines help to define the location of the eye. Vertical lines are one that divides the head of our character into two equal parts. Similar to other anime classes the line that runs through the eyes is lower than the midpoint of the conditional.

Then, we join the head and body by using an extremely long cylinder. Additionally, we create two lines of oblique that connect the arms starting from the neck’s corners. Then we draw an extended angle instead of the pelvis’ oval and join them to the chest by two concave lines.


Step 3

We will now do a bit of work with the limbs and limbs of the cartoon character. In this stage sketch rough lines of the legs and arms. We have decided to draw large joints made of balls, and the other portions of the limbs as cylindrical shapes. Be careful not to bend too much to avoid an overly physical-developed character.


Step 4

The work was completed using the roughest and most rough sketches. Let’s now make it more precise and specific. We will begin at the top of the head. We sketch the approximate shape of the hairstyle and the broad, wide edges that surround the eyes. If you’re thinking of creating some attractive hairstyles that suit this model, you can start making them at this stage.


Step 5

Then we will continue our guide on drawing anime characters. Make a few small adjustments to make the clothes stand out from our anime character. If you’ve ever thought about being a fashion designer this is the right opportunity to showcase your creativity. You can pick clothes for all tastes. We chose the business-casual style.


Step 6

It is now an extremely important thing to remember. Each style of drawing is distinctive in its own way. The most notable feature of anime is the intense attention paid to the face and, in particular, to the eyes. The eyes on the characters are by far the best element of the overall picture.

Try to precisely draw the lines of the eyes and then erase any extra guidelines. It is possible to look up an instructional video on drawing cartoon faces in order to help make this process simpler.


Step 7

Then, let’s discuss the clothing. Of course, the precise steps to follow are largely dependent on the type of clothes you pick. Whatever you choose don’t forget to think about tiny details such as pockets or folds of fabric. There is also a specific tutorial on drawing anime-inspired clothes and don’t overlook to check them out.


Step 8

In this phase, we will draw the final shape of the sleeves and arms. Do not draw fingers as our character is known to prefer keeping the hands inside pockets. In reality, we were fortunate as we avoided a difficult task.


Step 9

We have picked a strict type of dress. So, it is important to draw tight-fitting, tight trousers. Don’t forget to draw small folds along the edges of your proximal, as well as at the knee and pelvic joints.


Step 10

So, we’ve got a near-completed sketch. We just need to add some shadows. There is a separate article on shadow and light for visual artists. In this instance, it is just a matter of applying the appearance of a small hatch.


It was a tutorial on drawing cartoon characters. Sometimes you inquire whether we offer special lessons that are paid for. We don’t create any paid content. All the drawing classes are free and open to anyone. We’ll only be thankful for feedback from comments here as well as on our social media networks.

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