How To Draw Anime Pennywise

How To Draw Anime Pennywise

Step 1:

This is a long lesson due to it being an extremely detailed one. Begin by drawing the fundamental guidelines and forms for Pennywise’s facial features.

Step 2:

With the help of facial guides, proceed to trace the design of the face . The design is striking.

Step 3:

When you have the lower outline of the face sketched out or drawn out, you can begin working on the top part of the face, that starts by drawing the left temple as well as the brow and moved to the left side of the forehead. After that is completed then you can start sketching out the brows, and the shapes of the eyes that are sinister. Draw the nose’s rough shape and sketch the detail and shape of the face.

Step 4:

In this step, you’ll draw the eyes in the final stage by drawing the pupil and iris. Then, draw the clown lines vertically across the eyes.

Step 5:

Smile out almost from ear to.

Step 6:

Start drawing the teeth of anime Pennywise that should have an elongated shape. Give more definition to the mouth, too.

Step 7:

The only thing you have to draw is the lip shape.

Step 8:

Shade behind and under the upper row of teeth.

Step 9:

Sketch the crease in and folds the forehead inwards to give texture and definition of the character.

Step 10:

The next step is to draw the anime pennywise hair. Sketch the contours of the style first , and then draw the hair strands and textures.

Step 11:

Draw the remainder portion of hair that is on your left, too. Drawing hair in an anime style.

Step 12:

When the anime pennywise character is finished being created, you can start working on the collar, which is comical and ruffled like.

Step 13:

You can add another layer to the collar that is ruffled with a bigger shape.

Step 14:

Repeat the same process by adding another layer to the collar that is ruffled.

Step 15:

The last layer of the collar you need to sketch. Once you’ve finished, you can draw the details for the arm, which is the sleeve for the clown costume.

Step 16:

The ruffle details transforms a basic Ruffle into a collection of Ruffled Ribbons.

Step 17:

Sketch in anime-like style of drawing to the ear of Pennywise.

Step 18:

Finally, you’ll make use of the area to the right with balloons and strings.

Step 19:

After you have erased the shapes, guidelines and all the errors after which you will have an unfinished piece that is similar to the one shown here.

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