How to Draw Anime & Manga Glasses

This guide will go over some of the common techniques used when drawing anime glasses. In the majority of cases, manga and anime glasses are drawn like real glasses however there are some things that make them different from other designs.

Anime glasses drawing examples

Drawing an Anime Head & Face (Before the Glasses)

Anime female head and face

Before drawing glasses in any fashion, it is a good idea (especially for artists who are new) to draw out the face and head.

To draw anime characters, you will see:

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Understanding the Placement of Anime Glasses on the Head

Anime glasses on head

In the above illustration, the glasses are drawn on the top of the face and head features to let you see precisely how they will be placed upon the head (as if the head were transparent).

Similar to real glasses, they’ll usually rest on the nose and then go over the ears.

Because anime noses tend to be quite simplified (especially in front view) it can be a bit difficult to properly place that particular portion of your glasses. If you put your glasses in a way that is too tall or low, it can cause it to appear as if the nose is too small or long. Be conscious of this while drawing.

Since anime eyes are typically drawn larger than real eyes, it is possible to adjust for this by drawing bigger lenses.

Drawing Glasses in the Anime & Manga Style

Anime glasses

The front side (as in the above example) is from anime-style glasses, draw them as you would draw glasses while keeping the details discussed in the previous step in mind.


In the example of a side view above, you can see what is quite common in glasses from anime (though it’s not always the instance). It’s a part of the frame of glasses that cover the eyes being “cut out”.

What is the reason for this? It could be that it lets the artist display the eyes of the character and also saves some time while drawing.

Drawing Anime Glasses Down on the Nose

Anime glasses on the nose


In the example above, we can clearly see that manga glasses “cut out” works with different frames.

If you are looking to draw glasses this way, remove the portions that cover the eyes.

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Anime Glasses Reflection Effect

Anime glasses reflection

Another trick that is commonly used when drawing glasses for anime is to draw the reflection of the lances so that they don’t show the eyes in any way. This can create a more serious, determined, or intimidating look (especially when drawing the character against an unlit background).


Although only one kind of glasses is illustrated in this tutorial, you could use the same techniques for drawing different styles of manga and anime glasses. It is always possible to base your drawings on real glasses in case you require additional ideas. Everything mentioned in this tutorial will be applicable.

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