How to Draw Anime Manga Clothes -

How to Draw Anime Manga Clothes

How to Draw Anime & Manga Clothes

This tutorial concentrates on the fundamentals of drawing popular types of clothes from manga and anime styles. The examples are for female clothes, but these techniques could be used to draw male clothing too.


Anime Clothes

Drawing anime clothes examples

Before drawing an outfit, it is beneficial to look at some pictures of clothes in real life to get a general understanding of the style and the locations of the different components like zippers and buttons tend to be placed.

Manga and anime characters are drawn wearing various types of clothes hundreds many times. Therefore, their clothing is typically depicted in a simplified way. The most important elements in each piece are depicted and minor details such as smaller folds are left out.

How to Start Drawing Anime Clothes

If you’re just beginning to learn, begin by drawing a sketch of the body’s shape and body posture before drawing the clothing (assuming that the outfit you’re sketching is actually worn).

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Drawing an Anime Leather Jacket

Anime leather jacket on body drawing example

To draw an anime-style leather jacket for your body, begin by drawing its general shape and key details like where the zipper line is and where it meets the collar.

Leather is quite rigid and even a tighter jacket can hide the form of your body. The shoulder areas that the sleeves are stitched to the jacket will be “pointy” while the chest region will be squeezed in. Draw accordingly.

Anime leather jacket drawing example

In this instance, the most significant folds will occur at the shoulders (because of the elevated arm) and in the inner part of the elbow (because the arm is bent). There may also be small folds on the top of the stomach’s upper part due to the fact that the body is slightly bent to one side.

Draw the lighter folds as well as smaller pieces such as the details of the zipper as well as the pockets after you have drawn the main details.


Drawing Anime Jeans

Drawing anime tight jeans on body drawing example

Close-fitting jeans are likely to conform to the shape of the legs. If you’ve drawn a sketch of your body in the manner previously mentioned, you just have to draw that the pants are at the upper and lower ends in order to determine their overall appearance. The only exception here is the bottom of the jeans as they’re rolled up. Make sure to draw the rolled-up portions slightly away from the form that the leg is.

Anime tight jeans drawing example

The folds on tight jeans usually occur along the sides of your knees as well as at the high point between the legs. Make sure to draw some folds in those places.

Drawing an Anime Shirt

Drawing anime shirt on body example

To draw an anime-inspired shirt (school uniform or another) begin by drawing the overall design of the shirt as well as its main aspects. Because shirts are generally composed of a light and soft fabric, the design of the body is likely to be clearer through a shirt than the jacket.

Anime shirt drawing example

In the event that the fabric is tight and has sleeves with short lengths like the one in the picture, you will only need to draw only a few folds. Draw a few folds above and below the chest. In this case, there is an additional fold running across the stomach to demonstrate it is thinly stretched in one direction as a result of the slight stretch within the body. There are also folds along the stomach for the same reason.

Drawing an Anime Skirt

Drawing anime school uniform on body drawing example

To sketch the skirt of an anime school uniform begins by drawing its overall design. Then sketch some vertical lines to show the folds’ proportions. It’s important to keep in mind that the folds in this style will look like teeth, which have one direction but then slowly curve.


Anime skirt drawing example

In this case, the inside part of the folds is invisible as they move from the left of the image to the left.

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Drawing Anime Sweater or Sweatshirt

Drawing anime sweater on body drawing example

When drawing your sweater according to the anime style, start by drawing the overall shape.

The sweatshirts and sweaters are generally constructed of soft but heavy fabric and can be quite baggy, and therefore are often adorned with a lot of folds and curves.


Anime sweater drawing example

Begin by sketching the overall design of the sweatshirt or sweater by drawing the outline of major folds and curves. A loose fit will pull the be sloping downwards and will collect at the bottom. Be aware of this when drawing.

Drawing Anime Sweat Pants

Drawing anime sweatpants on body

To draw anime sweatpants first draw your overall design.

Anime sweatpants drawing example

If you wear sweatpants that are a bit baggy and hang down like in the picture, there are very few folds. The only folds that are significant in this particular example are around the knee of the leg that is forward since the pants hang down lightly, creating a little tension.


Drawing any kind of closure can be somewhat difficult however, as we’ve mentioned before, If you’re having difficulty drawing anime-inspired clothes, take a look at examples of actual clothes.

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