How To Draw Anime Legs Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

First of all. Do not draw your anime legs as straight lines that descend from the upper torso. There are hips in people, even if they’re cartoons. For instance, they have different knee muscles and joints. Alternately, you can achieve this feat with your legs. Legs comprise about half the body and nothing more, not less.

Step 2
In the show the anime, girls will be skinny and thin legs. The boys will have stronger with toned and toned legs. They’ll also be a bit larger and longer.

Step 3
Then, bend your knee, and bend the knee in such a way that your knee is bent. The legs can be straightened and bend them slightly like you’re walking. The legs can be fully bent like you are lying down, or be folded like you were standing on the floor.

Step 4
It is impossible to draw legs with feet. The foot is akin to the hand as far it is the layout of bones is involved. The skeleton is comprised of two parts: both ankles and ankles. The hindquarters comprise your ankles and heels, and the hindquarters form the remainder of your feet and toes.

Step 5
It’s time to practice. Start with a foundation which we can build upon and keep one leg straight while keeping the other leg in a slightly bent posture starting from the knee.

Step 6
Let’s begin with the lines on an thigh’s side.

Step 7
Then, we’ll follow the same procedure with the opposite leg, drawing it on the thigh.

Step 8
Then , we begin to draw in the knees as well as the calves of the leg that we started with.

Step 9
Switch to the next leg, and repeat the procedure the other way.

Step 10
We’ll offer our patients ankles and then draw them on their feet. Check out how the ankle is positioned just a bit behind, it’s not directly down your leg.

Step 11
There are a few more details to consider since the design of our leg is completed. The next step is to put on some shoes the feet, then add an ankle buckle and heel, and an arc over the upper part of the foot to highlight the shoes. A line of each thigh is an easy couple of socks.

Step 12
Then , we’ll draw a zigzag across the hip. This is the bottom edge of the skirt.

Step 13
The lines that rise from each point will create a crease or ruffle on the skirt.

Step 14
Then draw a design which resembles openings in an upside-down container. This is the sleeves.

Step 15
Then just a little line around the sleeves and a few additional fingers and you’re done.

Step 16
This is the way to draw your anime legs. Make sure to share your style of dressing.

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