How to Draw Anime Kissing Lips & Face Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to draw anime lips and faces from two perspectives. The head should be viewed at different angles.

Face drawing and anime kissing in different views

This tutorial focuses on how to show a “kissing look” on a female anime face. However, it can also be helpful if you want to learn how to draw the head from different angles.

Drawing Kissing Anime Lips

Drawing anime kissing lips

The lips are not usually shown in anime characters. The lips can be shown in close-up scenes or in full expressions.

To kiss anime lips, open your mouth slightly with the top portion being a flattened “M”, and the bottom part being a flattened” “U” shape. The top lip should have a small curve, and the bottom one should have two large curves joining in the middle.

Side view of anime kissing lips

You can draw anime lips in the side view, but they will not show any inner details.


Drawing Anime Lips Tutorial How to Draw Wet Anime Hair Step by Step

This tutorial uses the proportions of an anime face

Face proportions of an anime girl

Below and above you can see the proportions used in this tutorial.

These may be familiar if you have seen the tutorials on


You can find more information at:

How to Draw an Animation Girl’s Face and Head

Eye spacing and ear position for anime girl faces

Comparison of Normal and Kissing Faces

Positioning facial features: Normal vs. kissing expressions

Finally, you can see the changes in facial features when you make a “kissy” expression compared to a regular expression.

These are the main changes:

  • Closed eyes The top eyelashes will move all the way to the bottom of your eyes
  • Open mouth Lips drew as previously described and the jaw slightly lower

See: for more information on how to draw closed manga and anime eyes.

Drawing Closed, Closing, and Squinted Anime eyes

Blush may be added to your cheeks. With just a few lines, you can make blush.

You can find more variations of the anime blush style here:

How to Draw Manga Blush in Different Styles

Front View of Anime Girl Face

Drawing of anime girl facing front view

This is a reference image of how the character would look with the head and eyes fully drawn.


You can see examples of how to draw different anime hairstyles here:

How To Draw Manga Hair – Female

Side View of Anime Girl Face

Drawing of anime girl with side view

The side view drawing is also available.

Drawing a Kissing Anime Eye – Front View

Front view of anime kissing face drawing

To draw the “kissing” face in front view, draw the facial features described previously (closed eyes and open mouth), and then draw the cheeks.

Side View: Drawing a Kissing Anime Facial

Side view of an anime kissing face drawing

You can also see a side-view example of the same face with “kissing expressions”.

This is a good example of how to draw a character who is kissing someone below them. If she were kissing her younger brother/sister on the forehead, this example could work. The head is often tilted up when you kiss the cheeks or lips. This means that the above example may not work every time.

Drawing a Kissing Anime Head with Lifted Head – Side View

Side view drawing of an anime kissing face with a head raised

It is easy to draw an upward-tilted head in the side view. The previous drawing can be rotated.

Drawing the hair is the most difficult part. The top of the hair should be drawn along the line of the head. The shorter clumps should be slightly more angled to match the tilt. The longer hair should be hung down as in the previous example.

The likelihood of your hair hanging down is greater if it’s longer. Medium hair will be able to rotate with the head, while short hair will bend down but not as much as long hair.

You can find more information about drawing hair in different states here:


How to Draw an Anime Hair in Different Directions

Drawing a Kissing Anime Head with a Lifted Top – Front View

Front view drawing of an anime kissing face with a head raised

This is the final example.

Drawing a head that is lifted in the front view can prove difficult because of all the changes in proportions and facial features. Drawing an angled head can be made much easier by following the steps below.

Projecting lines from one view to another

Projection of anime kissing faces

If you have trouble drawing a head that is raised or lowered in the front view, a good trick is to draw the same head from the sides. Next, draw a series of lines starting at each major facial feature. These lines will allow you to place the facial features at the same angle as the head in the front view.

This is not a requirement, but it can help you practice drawing the face from different angles until you feel comfortable with the process.

It is possible that you may notice a hint of one nostril on the left side. Although this is not necessary, it can indicate that your head is tilted upwards.


While drawing anime lips can be easy, it is not difficult to draw the face of an entire person (especially when drawn from different angles). These tips and tricks will help you to draw them better.

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