How to Draw Anime Hair

First of all, lets’ get this out of the way. Drawing hair is now not easy. It’s in reality incredibly difficult to draw desirable searching hair, the difficulties already begin from the reality of wondering the place the centerline is? Where the hair is cut up in half. If you recognize what I mean? You additionally have to take into account the attitude of the head. Hair sincerely appears extraordinary from above than below.

You additionally have to assume if the personality is exterior and if the wind is affecting the motion of the hair. If the wind is blowing from the right, the hair have to lean left. Also, the garb ought to lean left as the wind receives “stuck” in the clothing. The identical aspect with lengthy fur, wind have an effect on that also.

So do suppose the scenario the personality or object is in. At this point, you would possibly have already realized that hair is truly alternatively hard to draw. There are a lot of matters to idea out earlier than beginning the drawing process. You need to assume about what you prefer to inform the viewer with the hair. What variety of character the personality has and how is that introduced via the hair?

How to Draw Anime Hair

Drawing Anime Hair With An Idea


Rest at ease due to the fact there is constantly a answer to everything. Well at least to most of the things. I provide you one way of coming near to draw the hair. First, we begin with the character, situation, experience and character we choose to show. For this specific character, I visioned to provide her this easy-going, sit back like temper and vibe.

I additionally desired the wind to blow from the right/from her lower back so that the hair would cowl her face a bit and the fingers also. Giving that excellent float from at the back of and making the temper convenient and calm. Kind of like waking up and feeling this pleasure all around.

How to Draw Anime Hair


Draw The Main Hair Shapes

When I have the temper and feeling in mind. I begin to graph the character. Giving this chilled but blissful seem to be on her face I go on to the hair. There are a few approaches you can strategy drawing the hair. Either you simply begin to draw the hair detailing it out. Or you create these essential shapes.

These shapes supply you the standard feeling proper at the start. With these massive blocks, you can without problems see how the hair works or not. You can additionally without difficulty strive distinct sizes and flows to the character’s hair.

The gain of doing it this way is the so-called “undo effect” or remorseful about phase. You are now not but too a ways with the hair solely to recognize it doesn’t work. I hate the feeling of drawing some thing pretty lengthy and then recognise that it simply doesn’t work. I mean, you have spent so a whole lot time and power on it and then it doesn’t work. I hate it.

So even even though I on occasion draw hair pretty unique in the starting do take a look at the fundamental shapes at some point.

Those provide you a path and average seem of the entire hair. It’s less difficult to diagram a hair when you simply draw massive chunks of it. Rather than drawing man or woman hair strands. It’s additionally quicker to draw massive blocks. Getting that sense proper with ease.

How to Draw Anime Hair

After you have created a few important shapes and sense like you simply desire to cross forward. Think about the cease end result you choose to acquire with the hair. Think about the character of the persona and additionally the persona of the hair. Yes, hair does have personality. It tells some thing from the individual and additionally offers opinions. Good and bad. Hopefully suitable opinions.

I should have chosen a greater flowy coiffure with a lot greater volume. However, the personality is this easy-going and like to have a barely shorter but massive quantity hair. The persona is additionally extra down to earth type. I suppose in this case the extra flowy hair would have made the personality a bit more. Well no longer so down to earth type.

How to Draw Anime Hair Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Draw the head and mark the hairline that for this particular hairstyle is more significant than the other examples because certain areas parts of the hairline will become evident in the final drawing , as previously shown.

2nd Step:

It is possible to make a frame for the front hair with this style using just three curly lines. Two on both sides, and the third for bottom. As you can see, there’s very minimal side hair in this picture because hair grows back, revealing areas from the hairline.

The back hair should be drawn just a little bit over the top of the head, eventually merging with the sides.

Although most pony tails be oriented to face backwards, for anime hair, you could draw it slightly towards one side, to make the shape more apparent. If not, the pony tail may be a head bump. It is possible to sketch the tail using an equilateral triangle similar to a question mark. You could also draw one small split in the middle.

3rd Step:

Similar to similarly to “Hime Cut” make tiny splits in the front portion of hair. Also, remove parts of the bottom part of the “front hair” to create space between the two. Also, remove the portions of the head that are concealed behind the hair.

4th Step:

It is also possible to add some subtle shading if you wish. You may also draw a few more lines to create a look that is like it’s more split as opposed to the “Hime cut” which is known to be more thick “front hair”.

How to Draw Anime Hair


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