How To Draw Anime Hair Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Gamora Step by Step

Step 1

Before creating any hairstyle, it is necessary to must prepare the skull’s base. The skull is circular. It is important to begin by understanding the basic layout of the head.

Step 2
The split hair that is in the middle transforms into two large points. This expands into bigger regions and even regions. 2. Be aware of the direction your hair is moving in. Arrows indicate where parts need to be drawn.

Step 3
Using shading will bring dimension in your drawing. Create shadows for the darker areas of the hair or shape; draw a description of your light source and keep the color as you go from light to dark.

Step 4
Here’s a more thorough review of what I wrote in the first step. The scalp’s middle should be comprised of dark lines that are able to extend downwards, with lighter lines until they get closer to the hairline. Make sure to keep your dark and light lines in line to avoid confusion.

Step 5
To distinguish the specifics of each strand use smaller strokes that are smaller than the outline. This will alter the way you work, and make the entire portion more fascinating.

Step 6
It’s recommended to try various hairstyles. Here’s a list of few of the various styles that you can decorate your hair. Let’s mix and mix! Experiment!

Step 7
Begin by creating circles for your head anime model.

Step 8
The next thing to draw is the face of the mannequin. You can then sketch the neck.

Step 9
The first process by drawing each hair in a separate way however in the meantime, you need to keep it looking neat. There are a couple of curls to high points of the hair one, but you are able to keep the hair straight if you like.

Step 10
Draw another hair section that will go located on the side of the mannequin’s neck Then create an ear. Draw the details to the ears, then add details to the hair.

Step 11
Then, draw the top left section of the hairstyle of anime. It’s very easy since all you have to do is draw three mounds of small size and then place with them on top of one the other. Create patterns to cover the back of the head, as well as for more hair. Add a bit of detail to the yarn.

Step 12
After you’ve eliminated any errors, you’ll be left with an image that is similar to the drawing you’ve seen here. You can now dress your anime characters by putting on various hairstyles.

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