How to Draw Anime Hair Blowing in the Wind

This tutorial shows you how to draw manga and anime hair blowing in wind in various directions. It includes two views and several examples.

Anime hair blowing in different directions drawing

To add drama, show weather conditions, or indicate the direction (and sometimes speed!) of a character’s movements in anime manga, hair blowing is common.

It can be difficult to create realistic hair movement while keeping the anime style. This tutorial has simplified illustrations and a breakdown of hair into parts.

Splitting hair into different parts to make drawing easier

Anime hair breakdown when drawing

It’s best to imagine anime hair like the one in this illustration. You can think of it as a split that separates it into the top, sides, and front. It is easier to see the hair in individual pieces than as a whole.

  • Red Front hair
  • Green – sides hair
  • Blue– Back/Top Hair

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Anime hairline drawing

It is also important to determine the location of your hairline.  You can also use the hairline to get a rough idea of the location of the various hair parts attached to your head. This will allow you to estimate the behavior of hair when it is moved in different directions.



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This tutorial will focus on hair. We won’t draw facial features as the head is too small. See:

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Drawing Side Drawings of Anime Hair Blowing

Anime hair blowing to the side line drawing

If you want to draw anime hair with the sides up, a front view of your head is a great option. This view will show you the direction and wave of your hair. For example, if you choose the side view, a large portion of the hair will be obscured by the head. Or it would point directly at your eyes. It would be difficult to draw the hair from this angle.

If you would like to see the entire hair, make a sketch of your head and hairline. We won’t be drawing facial features in this tutorial, but you can sketch them if you wish.

Draw the main shapes of your hair (front, sides, and back) on top of the sketch.

This article will explain why you should draw in this manner and provide other drawing tips.

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Shorter hair tends to curve in the wind’s direction, while longer hair can wave. This means that the shorter front hair can be drawn straight in the wind’s direction, while the longer back hair can appear more wave-like.

Pay attention to the hairline. Don’t make the individual hair clumps look like they are pulling away from your head. The base of the clumps should be in the same place as it was when the hair was in its natural position. This can be confusing because the bases of the clumps on the right side of the hair are slightly overlapped. It is important to accurately estimate where they will be placed.

This is done to ensure that both ends are correctly aligned.

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Anime hair blowing to the side drawing

End the drawing by erasing all body/headlines. Add a few hair clumps to the front of the main hair shape. To make the hair look more rounded, you can add lines to each section.

Finish the drawing by covering the body and head with darker lines.

Drawing an anime hair blowing backward

Anime hair blowing backward line drawing

For hair blowing in the wind, the side view can be very useful.

You can draw this type of hair using the same principles as the previous example. The shorter hair should be drawn clump-like, bending towards the back. Next, draw the main shape of your back hair.

Anime hair blowing backward drawing

After you have finished drawing the main shape of your hair, blend in some thinner clumps to the back. After you’re done, erase any overlapping lines.


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Drawing anime hair blowing upwards

Anime hair blowing upwards line drawing

You can choose to blow your hair upwards from either the front or side view. This example will use the front view, but the same principles will apply to drawing hair in the side view.

When drawing up blowing hair, the hairline is very important. It will help you determine the location of the bottom of your front and side hair clumps.

 However, if you want to display strong upwards blowing winds, you can draw the entire hairline. You will need to draw curves for the bottom of the side hairs. The hair grows downwards in these areas and won’t point straight up despite wind blowing against them.

You can use clamps to draw on the top ends of the side and front hairs.

As a kind of onion or candle flame shape, draw your back hair upwards. Then, split it up towards the ends.

Anime hair blowing upwards drawing

Finally, erase any parts that are not visible.

Drawing anime hair blowing forward

Anime hair blowing forward line drawing

It can be helpful to view the profile/side view when drawing hair forward.

For drawing the side and front hair clumps, you can use the same ideas as in the second and first examples.

This is where it can be a bit tricky to draw the back hair. If you don’t want your hair to cover the face, you should position the majority of the back hair towards the side. This portion can be drawn the same way as the back hair in these tutorials.

We can also draw a portion of the forward-blowing hair in front of your head to make it look natural. To keep your face open, you can make this smaller and place it around your neck.

Anime hair-blowing line drawing

Finish the drawing by erasing any overlapping lines between the body and face, and adding extra clumps/folds in the background and foreground sections of the back hair.


The breakdown approach can be used to simplify the process and you can start with the most important parts of your hair.

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