How to Draw Anime Girl || Sailor Neptune

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Sailor Venus || Anime Girl

Now, you know exactly what to do with tutorials. Begin with these shapes for the body and head. Draw the outline for the face.

Step 2

The first step we’ll take is draw the long curls that frame Jupiter’s face.

Step 3

Create a line on the front of your mouth, and then trace it out in detail to the tooth’s root.

Step 4

Just draw the contour of her face, then proceed to the fifth step.

Step 5

We will now sketch her facial features. Begin with the headband and then line your eyes using the same bold method as your eyelids. Draw both your nose and mouth.

Step 6

Moving forward to draw Neptune’s neck and outline the shoulders with the layer line technique. This will make the shoulders’ sleeves.

Step 7

Continue to grow her hair until it will grow large and bouncy. Once you’re done then add some roots towards the center of the head.

Step 8

Continue drawing her clothing, beginning with the collar of the shirt. Make a bow and small necklace to wear around her neck. The details around the bow’s knot are great.

Step 9

Below, you will be able to put the shape of her breasts or breasts in the way you can see, and then you can add the ribbon tails of her bow.

Step 9

If you don’t stop and keep drawing, you’ll get to Neptune before you are able to. Draw her hands and arms and also the bracelet or bracelet that she wears on her forearm.

Step 10

Then, you can add Neptune’s other arm. Then, draw the thumb. the thumb.

Step 11

To draw the final image simply include the remaining body parts and make a big bow with her arms. Clean up any errors and directions to tidy up the drawing.

Step 12

That’s it, you’re done. Now you can color in Sailor Neptune and be on your way.

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