How to Draw Anime Girl || Rin and Len Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Draw two heads and two body shapes and two body guides. In addition, outline the directions for the facial.

Step 2

Then sketch Len’s face and draw some hairstyles.

Step 3

Then draw eyes. that includes eyebrows. After that, you can include the mouth and nose.

Step 4

The contours of Rin’s face in this way with her bangs drawn and hair falling off the side of her face.

Step 5

Draw eyes as well as mouth and nose Add eyebrows, and some other details on Rin’s face.

Step 6

Enjoy drawing Rin’s huge bow on her head , and you’ll need to sketch that as well. Create some more of her hair, and finally sketch her cap.

Step 7

You can draw Len’s hair and head as you see in this image. It is also necessary for drawing the hairband.

Step 8

Sketch out your outfit to match Len’s dress. This will include not only collars, tie and the far right shoulder or sleeves.

Step 9

You will draw Rin’s shoulders and arms like you can see them here. If you look closely, you’ll also draw Len’s sleeves beneath Rin’s armpits.

Step 10

Okay, draw Rin’s neck and tie. It’s clear that her tie looks more of bow. Put tassels on her sleeves, then place the 02 number on her shoulders.

Step 11

This is it, you’ve arrived at the last drawing step. What you need to do is draw the remainder of her shirt, and then sketch over Len’s arm. Also, you’ll need to draw her belly. Make sure to erase any mistakes and directions.

Step 12

This is the drawing you draw after you’re done sketching Rin the Kagamines and then Len. Then color this pair to make it complete.

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