How to draw Anime girl Cute and easy

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Yui From Sword Art Online || Anime Girl Drawing

Draw the outline of Asuna’s head. Draw the outline the shape according to the guidelines for the facial. Then draw the torso and then the neck.

Step 2
Draw the outline of her face. Next, draw her long, voluminous bangs as well as side-swept bangs. They will then be cut. Make the neck and then go to step three.

Step 3
Be sure to draw her eyes wide. Lines on your lid must be dark and bold. Draw her nose, then draw her mouth, then her blush lines.

Step 4
This article will focus on the development of her character. Draw her body and make the neck necklace. Your torso should reveal the form of her breasts.

Step 5
Draw the remainder of the hair, and then draw the straight length of hair. Make the braid over Then add the details.

Step 6
Draw the straps that are on her chest. Then color and draw the tattoos of her arms, and the details the style, design, and particulars in her outfit. Remove the mistakes and you’re finished.

Step 7
Here she is, ready to paint. Here’s to wishing you a great time coloring Asuna From Sword Art Online.

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