How to draw Anime Girl Body with Pencil -

How to draw Anime Girl Body with Pencil

How to draw Anime Girl Body with Pencil

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Chibiterasu || Cartoon Fox

Step 1

Let’s begin with the head tutorial and trace the contour of the body.

Step 2

Begin by drawing the facial shape then outline the bangs as well as other sides of hair.

Step 3

Utilize the facial guidelines to draw your eyes, starting with the eyelids that are thick. Make sure to add lashes and draw the blush lines on cheeks. Include both the mouth and jawline.

Step 4

Begin by drawing the whole face shape and then draw her length of her straight hair. The front hair is supposed to be slightly airy.

Step 5

Then next, draw the arches on the arms, shoulders as well as the hands and back.

Step 6

In this section, you’ll outline your chest, or the torso. Then, outline the belly and add detail to the back. It is an indented liner which gives the back a an extra shape.

Step 7

Then next, draw the bra she’s wearing and add the details to the bra.

Step 8

Keep working on your body, defining her back, focusing on the buttocks or booty and the thighs or rear of the thighs.

Step 9

Then draw a line around her lingerie add the creases on her pants. After that, you are able to proceed to step 10.

Step 10

Then draw the remainder of her hair with just a few hair strands that are spiky. After that then you can apply the remainder the hand. Remove the mistakes, and that’s all there is to it.

Step 11

The drawing is done after you’ve finished. You can now go on and color your cute anime body. I hope that you will enjoy and take some lessons from this tut.

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