In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show viewers how you can draw an anime drawing for beginner artists. We have selected the easiest anime art. Anyone, even a beginner artist, could draw the art.

Step 1

In the beginning, we’ll design the basic outline of circles and sticks to sketch out the proportions of our character his posture, and his location on a piece of paper. We can see the body of a skinny teenager, who is in an unmoving pose.

In our situation, the figure will blend the characteristics of an adult male and the features of a tiny child. Male features include a slightly predominant shoulder width over the pelvis. Based on the proportions of a tiny child in this image it is clear that there is a huge head and body.



Step 2

Now, with the aid of lines that are smooth that connect the curves of different areas of the body. The chest and the head connect via a slim elegant neck. The pelvis and chest are connected by two concave lines that create the abdominal sidewalls. On the basis of an oval we created in the previous step we trace the contours of the anatomically proper pelvis.

In this step, you draw two intersecting lines across the face. The horizontal line must divide parts of the upper third. Vertical lines divide our character into two equally sized sections.

Step 3

In this stage, we draw our contours for the legs of this cute person. Therefore, we employ elongated thin cylinders to define the position and form of the legs and arms. The large joints appear like balls. Take note of the size of your hands and feet as well as the angle at which they are displaced by the feet and lower legs.

Step 4

This time, we’ll make this adorable guy look to look a bit more like a cute man. In order to do this, we will add the approximate contours of a man with tousled hair, and the typical anime eyes. This is a crucial part it allows you to check your drawing with our tutorial for drawing a face from anime.

Step 5

It’s a bit better already It’s not surprising. Let’s continue our excellent work to draw the approximate curves for the trousers, sleeves, and sweaters. You are able to create your own costume and look for your character and express your imagination.

Step 6

In this stage, we’ll draw detailed eyes. The eyes in anime are the most significant and important element. Through the eyes of characters from anime that the artists communicate the mood and the atmosphere of the overall scene. Learn more about drawing anime eyes in order to ensure that this step is as good as possible.

Step 7

This is a short step that’s only a few minutes. We will remove any excess lines in your neck as well as the upper part of the body and then apply the final lines to these regions.

Step 8

Let’s clean the upper limbs of our character. We’ll first take out the lines that aren’t needed from the sleeves. Then, we will sketch the final contours of this area, then include the folds that are required for fabric. Then, we will draw fists. They look like an asymmetrical hexagon that has lines that separate the thumb from the other fingers.

Step 9

Perform the same exercise with the shoes and pants of the character in our anime. Pay attention to the folds of tissue found near the distal edge that run along the waist. Don’t forget to look at the sole’s hem and the laces.

Step 10

The light shadows are an excellent addition to this image. You can see tiny spots of hatching underneath his neck. Additionally, the shadow can be seen beneath his hair, and close to the folds of his clothing.

It was a step-by-step guide to drawing anime for those who are new to drawing. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. an easy art that is appropriate for people who are the first to pick up the pencil. In case you succeed, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section here or on our social media networks. We’re waiting for your comments!


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