In this tutorial, we’ll show that you can draw female anime eyelashes. In reality, big as well as expressive eyes are among the major characteristics of the style of anime.

Thus, today we’ll try to increase your ability to draw eyelashes for anime. We assume that this will help you gain confidence in your ability and help you improve your ability at drawing anime characters.


Step 1

Let’s begin this guide on drawing eyelashes for anime women. This guide will help you with drawing eyelashes for anime women. Draw two parallel lines horizontally. Distance between them is equal to the width that the eye. Draw a vertical line that connects these horizontal lines exactly at an angle. Be aware that the straight line in the vertical is called the facial line. Draw that line at the center of your sketch.


Step 2

Draw the outline of the outside of your eyes. It resembles the outline of plant leaves. Make sure to draw lines that are symmetrical. Take note that the top line of your eyes is about half the size of the top line horizontal. Do not draw the inner edges of the eyes.

Step 3

Draw the inner contours that define the eye. The lines aren’t exactly parallel to the lines of the earlier step. The inner contours are curvier curves. The lines that run down the contours within the eyes are cut off and affixed to the lines on the outside. There must be a significant distance between the lines of the lateral angles of the exterior as well as the inner contours.

Step 4

The pupils should be drawn. It appears to be two circles of various dimensions. One of them is inside a bigger circle. Be aware of the position and shape of pupils. The placement of the pupils determines the direction and the mood of the character’s eyes. This is far more crucial than it seems. Once you’ve drawn the pupils, take off the additional guidelines.

Step 5

Certain shadows can help your drawing appear more realistic and vivid. Make use of one layer of oblique hatching with different intensities. Shaded areas are related to more dense and intense shading using strong pressure on the pencil. Take note of the highlights in white. The sclera and the areas should be left unpainted.

Step 6

Make sure the forms and shapes are in the correct order. Check that the eye contours on the outside are uniform. Examine the position of the pupils in particular. Take out any lines that are not needed using an eraser. Thank you for an excellent job!

We hope this was a really useful drawing guide. You can become a true master of anime style if you practice regularly. Try to draw other anime characters from our guides. It will also be useful if you draw characters that you have invented. Do not forget to write a comment if you are happy with this drawing tutorial. We are also looking forward to your criticism and questions.


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