How to Draw Anime Eyes From Different Angles

This tutorial shows the art of drawing anime eyes from various angles. It is an extension to tutorials on tutorial on drawing Anime Eyes and Eye Expressions tutorial.


Anime eyes drawn from different angles

Things to remember when drawing manga or anime eyes from various angles:

Drawing Anime Eyes From Different Angles

Anime eyes from different angles

In the front view that is not angled, view, the eyes are likely to be drawn apart enough so that you can squeeze an additional eye between.

When drawing the eyes of anime at an angle, draw everything as if compressed vertically (more than that, the more eyes are inclined).

Furthermore, in addition, the space between eyes that are drawn at an angle must be less than the eye’s width which is closest to the eye of the viewer. The eye that is farther away should be more narrow than the closer one (it should be also smaller).

One reason is the curvature of the head.

Another reason is because of perspective, the objects further away are drawn to be smaller than objects similar in size can be seen closer by the viewers.

For more information on perspective, see:

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Top-Down View

Anime eyes top-down view

When drawing the eyes in the top-down view, draw the upper part of the eyes more slender. The reason is that the eyes are more obvious from this angle and appear to cover the eyes.

Bottom-Up View

Anime eyes bottom-up view

When looking at the eyes from a downwards view, draw the upper part of the eyes more curly. The reason behind this is that when you look at the eyes this way, the eyes will be more obscured by the curvature of your eyes.

To get a step-by-step tutorial on drawing the eyes of anime from the side view, click here:

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Choosing the Right View

The right angles and views will really highlight the emotion of the character you’re creating. You can try combining the eyes of The tutorial on drawing eyes Eyes Tutorial and the Anime Eyes as well as the Eye Expressions Tutorial with the various angles in this tutorial and you’ll get some fascinating outcomes.

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