How to Draw Anime Eyelashes Step by Step -

How to Draw Anime Eyelashes Step by Step

How to Draw Anime Eyelashes Step by Step

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw various types of manga and anime eyelashes, from very simple styles to more complex ones.

Anime eyelashes different styles of drawing

The most important aspect of anime is the eyes. This tutorial will show you how to draw anime eyelashes.

Drawing simple anime eyelashes

Anime simple eyelashes drawing step by step

These are the most basic type of anime eyelashes. They have a single shape and no individual lashes. These usually consist of the top and the bottom, but in some simplified styles, only the top eyelashes can be seen.

Anime simple eyelashes line drawing

It is easy to draw these eyelashes. Draw the outline of the eyelashes.

The top eyelashes should be thicker than those at the bottom. You should not make the bottom eyelashes too thick. This could cause your character to look like they have bags or a black eye.

Anime simple eyelashes drawing

Once you are done with the line drawing, fill in the eyelashes with black.

Anime simple eyes drawing

Below you can see how these eyelashes look with the eye fully drawn.

Here are some tutorials for drawing the eyes.

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Drawing standard anime eyelashes

Anime eyelashes drawing step by step

These are the most common eyelashes, with a variation of them being seen in manga and anime where only a few individual lashes are displayed.


Anime eyelashes line drawing

Similar to the previous example, draw the outline of your eyelashes and leave out individual lashes.

Anime eyelashes outline drawing

Fill in the area around the eyes with black.

Anime eyelashes drawing directions

When drawing eyelashes, remember that they tend to follow the contour of the eyes. You don’t have to show all of the transition, but it is important that you keep the eyelashes shown in the correct direction for the area.

Anime eyelashes drawing

Because the eyelashes are so tiny and simple, you can draw and shade them simultaneously. You can add larger eyelashes to your outer corners and lower eyelids.

Anime eyes drawing

You can again see how the eyelids can look with these types of eyelashes, once they are fully drawn.

Drawing semi-Realistic Anime Eyelashes

Anime realistic eyelashes drawing step by step

Because they take longer to draw, semi-realistic eyelashes in anime are rare. These eyelashes are more common in manga and individual art covers.

Anime realistic eyelashes line drawing

Similar to the previous examples, draw the outer shape of your eyelashes. Draw the top and bottom portions as one shape.

Anime realistic eyelashes outline drawing

Again, fill in the eyelash outlines with black.

Anime realistic eyelashes drawing

This example has thick eyelashes so it may be necessary to use several strokes. You should draw them thicker at the base and shorter at the ends.

These semi-realistic eyelashes are not symmetrical, so they’re different for each eye. You can avoid creating a doll-like look by drawing them at slightly different times.


Realistic anime eyelashes drawing directions

To keep your eyelashes natural, make sure you draw them curled. It is a common error to draw eyelashes in straight lines.


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Anime realistic eyes drawing

You can see above the full-drawn eyes with more realistic-looking lashes.

Drawing “Light” Anime Eyelashes

Anime outline eyelashes drawing step by step

These eyelashes look similar to the first but are rare. These eyelashes are for characters who want their lases to be lighter in color.

Anime light eyelashes line drawing

These should be drawn by first tracing their inner shapes. These eyelashes will look strange if you draw too many lines.

Anime light eyelashes outline drawing

You can then either draw out the outer shape, erasing parts where you wish to add individual lashes, or you can draw them in immediately.

Anime eyelashes curve drawing

When drawing the entire shape, make sure the outer curve is still on the same track as the individual lashes.

The blue lines above show that the inner and outer lines are still the same as before.

Here are some tips for good drawing techniques:


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Anime light eyelashes drawing

After you are done drawing, fill in your eyelashes with light colors or shading to ensure that the lines remain visible.

Anime light eyes drawing

People with lighter eyelashes tend to have a lighter overall eye/hair color. This is an example of how it can look.


A well-designed eyelash can make all the difference in creating an anime-looking character. They can be drawn in a variety of styles, depending on their complexity. You can find more tutorials on drawing anime eyes at:

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