In this simple tutorial in the anime style, We will show you how easy it is to draw anime. We are aware that a lot of our readers enjoy and enjoy this type of drawing. We have made a lot of anime guides.


Step 1

In the beginning, we don’t detect any indications of anime style. In this stage, we will outline the typical stickman young man who is at secondary school. The shoulders are narrow with a narrow pelvis, and an elongated neck. Find out more about the process of creating an attractive young man’s body within the following drawing lesson.



Step 2

Let’s begin on the head and torso. In this section, we draw two crossed lines across the body of the character. The lines should be converged in right-angles. The horizontal line must be slightly lower than the middle of the conditional. These lines will assist us to sketch facial features during the next steps.

Once we have that done we can join the pelvis and chest using flowing lines. Try to bend with sharp bends. In the pelvic region draw two concave lines in order to achieve a result similar to our test.


Step 3

The legs of the circle are smooth and straight. There is a uniform and smooth reduction of the hips towards the knees. Shins exhibit a noticeable bent in the upper third.


Step 4

We are now beginning to draw an anime face. You will see the rounded curves of the eyes that are large and the sharp lines of hairstyles.

In reality, we have a great guide on the subject. Do not overlook reading the post. Remember that drawing faces in the methods to draw anime faces is crucial, as the primary details are drawn precisely to the facial features of the face of the character.


Step 5

Then, add the curves of the clothing. In this case, the clothes are a fitted pullover with a tight shirt. Avoid excessively wide and obvious bends. The body should be able to increase in size downwards. There is also specific instruction on drawing anime-style clothing. Check it out If this method is causing difficulties.


Step 6

Let’s start detailing our character. The first step is to take away the extra lines on his head and face. Paint large pupils with white highlights in the middle. Paint the bangs using large sharp lines that contrast with jagged. When painting faces, it is crucial to place the pupils in the correct position. If you’ve done it right you’ll feel like the person is directed at you.


Step 7

We will continue to follow the tutorial on drawing anime with ease. We’ll remove the lines that are visible on our bodies. We draw the contours of the outside of the pullover. We then create a series of folds that appear to be horizontal lines. Sketch the contours for the collar.


Step 8

In this phase, we will sketch out the outline of the sleeves. Also, there is a complicated aspect to consider – the sleeves are the shape of hands. We can’t leave a difficult moment without a tutorial. It is possible to learn the entire article about drawing cartoon hands fists, fingers, and fists within this post.


Step 9

Repeat the steps from the previous step to make the character’s legs and lower body more complete. Don’t forget to include the folds in the fabric around the sneakers. This is a crucial aspect that makes the photo more realistic.


Step 10

Apply shadows of light around the edges of our trunk and the medial edges of the character’s extremities. Apply a single layer of hatching that is lightweight and uses light tension on the pencil.


We hope that this article can be a step towards becoming a master of the art. If you like our work and would like to help us out, simply make a comment or subscribe to our social media sites.

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