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how to draw anime clothes

In the last drawing guides, we explained the drawing process for an anime body Today we will, in addition to this we will demonstrate the drawing process for anime clothing. The two directions are an excellent complement to one another because it is rare to draw a body from anime without clothing, and more importantly, clothes without the body.

We have decided to draw the details of a shirt, jacket, shirt along with pants however, with the ten stages that follow it is possible to depict other aspects of the clothes.


Step 1

We will begin drawing clothes beginning from the top. According to the directions for clothing, the very first thing we’ll do is draw the portion that covers the torso.


Step 2

Draw the pants. It is important to clearly show the positions of the lower and upper legs. The lines must be thin, and almost transparent.


Step 3

Return to the upper part of the body and show the sleeves. They must be done similar manner as the legs from the previous stage.


Step 4

Let’s start to draw the specifics of anime clothes. Start at the top, and show the collar and shoulders.


Step 5

With two lines, sketch the cut on the jacket. Then draw on the lower line. The top line should show the broad coat’s collar.


Step 6

Then draw a cut on the top of the shirt. Create pockets for the jacket. Utilize small dark dots to make buttons.


Step 7

At this point, we draw the upper layer of the dress. Make folds, just like the artists from 3dvkarts.net. It is also possible to draw the cuffs of your shirt.


Step 8

Create folds in the bottom portion of the clothing, just as did the artists from 3dvkarts.net. Finish the process by drawing shoes. Within this shoe instruction, you’ll find out more information about this item of clothing.


Step 9

You can now equip yourself with an eraser to remove your drawing of anime clothing from the guidelines. To make your anime clothes drawing clearer and more attractive make a sketch using black ink or dark pencil.


Step 10

It’s time to color anime-inspired clothes. The jacket was painted blue The shirt was gray cream as well as the boots and pants in brown.

how to draw an anime face

We walked effortlessly, but with confidence, to the final part of the lesson on drawing anime-inspired clothes. If you’re interested in learning the art of drawing anime clothing more in-depth look up the relevant sections.


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