How To Draw Anime Clothes with Pencil

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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For this tutorial on clothing I would like to talk about the various body kinds and how they impact the clothes you wear. There are three distinct bodies: the first one has a chubby, chubby shape; the third is average-slim and the third is a muscular guy. Have a closer look at the way similar styles of clothing are affected by the shapes of the body. Notice that the slimmer body has less wrinkles, and just the slightest hint of wrinkles on the slimmest places around the waist. The clothes that you wear are suited to this shape that emphasizes features significantly greater than the typical body. When we look at the middle of the picture and we can see the presence of wrinkles, especially in the more active regions. The next image is an athletic man, which corresponds to a lean body. The clothes adhere to the protruding portion of the body, evidently the muscles. The wrinkles are also stretched over the bulk of the muscles. To improve your ability to observe study a lot of sources on how clothing can affect different kinds of bodies!

Step 2

It is crucial to remember that clothes have distinct affects on the female and male bodies. It is crucial to understand the distinction and the principles for drawing people from the opposite gender. I would suggest that you look up my “how to draw anime body” tutorial which will show you the basics of male and female bodies. Females have curvier bodies and obviously “chests”. The shoulders of women are also more supple and less pronounced than those of men. The male body is more sharp with broad shoulders. This is because men are built to be stronger than womena tougher time; which meaning that hunting, fighting and travel require the strength and endurance of men. Also, make sure to consult and study!

Step 3

I receive many clients asking “Where can I make wrinkles? What can I do to determine exactly where to draw them”. This guideline will allow you to identify exactly where you should place the wrinkle. Typically, wrinkles show up when “force” is applied to the clothing. For instance, if someone is bent, and the joint regions where the joint is bent, wrinkles will form. This is due to the fact that activity in the area will make the material wrinkleand becoming loose and tight within that region. Keep in mind that the clothes worn are not connected on the human body. When you move, your clothes move along with the body.

Step 4

This is only an illustration of what I’m talking about. Check out the proper method to draw the fold in the bent arms in contrast to the incorrect method. The proper method is to draw the folds on the side where the clothes are lying, or when there is an intense movement. Of of course, shoulders are likely to move quite a bit so wrinkles should be drawn along the upper edges of the biceps.

Step 5

Here’s a different example of where wrinkles might appear if someone reached their arms up to work in the shoulder region. Notice how the shirt moves according to the shape of the body, the waist, chest, and of courseshoulders. It’s important to mention that when your body is curved like this the shoulder line altered to which direction the shoulder is facing.

Step 6

This advice will be brief in order to not want to overstep the limit of steps. When drawing folds (on the right) it is important to draw the crease that is overlapping first. After that, you can begin drawing layers beneath it. It is crucial to realize that pleats are fabrics that overlap. You should establish the fundamentals of understanding how to fold. I suggest doing a thorough study of references to clothing in order to build you mental imagery arsenal.

Step 7

Here are some variations of male clothing styles. I’ve taken all the information above and have only shown a handful of the many styles that you could draw your characters. I sketched (from left to right) formal attire, casual clothes,

Step 8

Since drawing collars was difficult to me previously, I’m going to show you an simple method of drawing collars. The collar of a shirt is an unfolded piece of fabric. It is important to sketch the design of the top part of the collar. Then, draw fold the lower sections. I know someone who is a model of Slenderman…

Step 9

Here are some feminine collar designs that are commonly used in everyday wear. Take a look at the way every piece of clothes influences the individual’s character. Remember my words about clothing that reflects your persona!

Step 10

This step is intended for those who are planning drawing a person using an intentional design for clothing and would like to shade or color their work. Be aware that the direction of light will influence the shadows and reflections of light onto the object. The point where your light source is and bounces off, that’s the one that will affect the highlights, shadows and reflections.

Step 11

In the beginning the only thing you need to draw is your body’s position, which includes those lines that move. Make the head as well as the body (with an elongated heart) and finally, the lines for the body and the lines of the face.

Step 12

Draw the exact design of the face of the model and then draw an area of hair that will serve as the basis to the style.

Step 13

Once the face shape has been created We can then work on the face itself. Begin by using a thick or bold liner for the upper lash line, using pointed lashes. After you’ve finished, you can make the realistic look of the eyes and also a thin liner to the eyes, nose and mouth. I didn’t actually concentrate on the model’s face or face since the lesson was focused on the clothing.

Step 14

We will now tackle drawing the remainder or the majority of the hairstyles. One of the most current trends is the grungy look which has some of the hair is shavedoff, I thought I’d make it for her. Make a ponytail over the top of her hair and draw the length of her shoulders. Make sure to add details to the hair, then draw the ear to draw the inside of the ear.

Step 15

We’re now moving closer to finishing this lesson. All you need to do is draw the outline of her neck. Then draw the shoulders as well as the arm, torso, and chest shape.

Step 16

Draw the glass as follows and then draw some strokes across her waist, chest and the belly.

Step 17

Since this is a fashion lesson, I’m not planning to draw her in too many outfits, so all I’ll make is a simple sports bra similar to the one shown above. But before we begin with the rest of her hairstyle as shown first, drawing the straps, the bust and finally the elongation details across her chest. Make sure to erase the mistakes, and you’re finished.

Step 18

Based on the information from the earlier steps, you will have something that is like this. I hope that you all liked this lesson. I definitely had a blast working on it (despite the amount of effort I spent on the tips). Join me next time, folks!

Step 19

This is how I ended up coloring the chick from the anime. The inspiration for this was the clothing store LumiGram, which sells optical apparel to be used for partybing or as decor (spiky kinds!). I hope you’ve gained knowledge and enjoyed this lesson! Perhaps I’ll create another coloring tutorial in the near future. Let me know via the comments, and I’ll examine it.

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