How to Draw Anime Characters Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to draw anime-style female characters in manga and anime style using eight popular archetypes of anime characters with three examples.


Anime character archetype drawing examples

This tutorial is about character, as the title suggests. This tutorial shows you how to make a manga or anime-style face and make it look different. You can also find hairstyles that might be suitable for each character.

These are the character archetypes that were included in the book:

  • Ordinary Girls
  • Antagonist/Villain
  • Tsundere
  • Yandere
  • Shy Girl
  • Tough Girl
  • Delinquent
  • Bookworm


Step by step Drawing Male Anime Characters

Face proportions for an anime character

Anime female character face proportions

In the illustration above, you can see the base character drawing proportions. You may have seen the tutorials on 3dvkarts before.

If you don’t, the proportions are:

  • Eyes: Draw a horizontal line through the middle and then draw your eyes below it (a distance that is sufficient to allow you to fit another eye between them).
  • Ears Draw the ears along the second horizontal line drawn between the halfway and the chin lines.
  • Nose– Above the line that runs down to the bottom of your ears
  • Mouth Draw a line from the bottom of your ears to determine the position of your bottom lip. (Not drawn in the illustration).

The eyebrows and eyelids can be drawn slightly higher than the eyes.

Keep in mind, however, that the position and size of the facial features shown in the examples will vary depending on the character type and facial expressions.


These are not the best proportions to make a character “anime-like”. You can have different proportions for different anime styles.

You can find a detailed tutorial on each facial feature here:

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The Basic Shape of an Anime Character’s Face

The basic shape of the anime face

It may help to imagine the outer form of an anime face from the front.

Step by Step Drawing of an Anime Character’s Face

Female anime character face drawing step by step

You can follow the steps below to draw any character in this tutorial.

  1. To ensure that both halves of your head are equal, draw the basic shape.
  2. Position the facial features according to the previous description, including those that are covered by hair (you can also exclude the ears for hairstyles that completely hide them).
  3. If necessary, draw the hair and overlap some facial features.
  4. You can remove the hair from the areas that are not visible and, if desired, color or shade the hair.

This article will explain why you should draw this way (showing hidden parts of the face …)) and provide other useful drawing tips:

Beginner Guide to Drawing Anime & Manga

You can find the complete tutorial for drawing a manga or anime female head and face here:

How to Draw an Animation Girl’s Face and Head

This tutorial shows how to draw and shade the various hairstyles.

  • How To Draw Manga Hair – Female
  • Step by step Shade your Anime Hair

You can also see these hair-drawing tutorials:


Drawing “Ordinary Girl”, an anime character

Anime ordinary girl face drawing

The “ordinary” girl can be either the “childhood friend”, or the “main” girl in the story. They are friendly and down-to-earth in anime and manga.

For the “ordinary” girl, long normal hair might be an option.

Anime female character face drawing

Draw the “ordinary girl” character using their normal expression. Use wide eyes and large pupils. This will make your character appear friendlier.

The mouth can be drawn with a slight smile (curving slightly upwards).

With smooth curves, draw the eyebrows in their natural state.

Drawing an animated character of an “Ordinary Girl” with a smile

Anime ordinary girl smiling face drawing

This type of character is best expressed with a smile.

Anime female character smiling face drawing

To create a smiley face, draw your eyes slightly smaller than normal.

Drawing an animated character called “Ordinary Girl Happy”

Anime ordinary girl happy face drawing

Another expression that is quite common in “ordinary girl” characters is a happy face.

More information on how to draw blush in manga and anime styles can be found here:

How to Draw an Anime Blush in Various Ways


Anime female character happy face drawing

You can draw the happy face the same way as the smiling one, but open the mouth to show the whites of your teeth. Add some blush below the eyes.

Drawing an antagonist/villain anime character

Anime villain girl face drawing

The antagonist, or main villain, is often the opposite of the protagonist. A negative character with little or no positive traits.

Anime villain female character face drawing

This example shows how to draw an anime character with a hostile appearance. The pupils and iris should be drawn very small.

Shadows should not be added to the top of your iris. This will give the villain a “stare” look. For a more friendly look, draw fewer highlights and make them smaller.

Draw the bottom eyelids, and the mouth in reverse (downwards).

For a semi-permanent look, position the eyebrows lower than usual in a “wave-like shape”.

For hair, you can use what’s often called a “Hime Cut”. Combining a look like this above with the word “Hime” which means princess, can help reinforce the notion of a stuck-up or spoiled character.

Draw a crazy-looking anime villain character

Anime villain girl-crazy face drawing

Sometimes, the “villain” anime characters have to draw their pupils and iris very small so there is still a lot of white space.

Anime villain female character crazy face drawing

The eyebrows should be drawn lower, in wave-like shapes like the previous example, but their inner ends should be slightly higher. Don’t add shadows to your iris and only draw one set of reflections.

Draw your mouth with the teeth visible in a wide smile.

You will eventually end up with a strange-looking eye and a smiling mouth. This is the perfect expression to be a villain (though it may not be possible in real life).

Drawing an angry-looking anime villain character

Anime villain girl angry face drawing

This is the expression that anime villains use when they get ticked off (often due to their evil plans falling apart).

Anime villain female character angry face drawing

Draw the villain’s angry-looking eyes with the top eyelids lower and bottom raised (in reversed curves). The pupils and iris should be drawn small, with no reflections or shadows.

Place the eyebrows lower in wave-like shapes.

The mouth should be drawn in a “bean” shape, with the bottom edges curving slightly downwards.

Drawing the Tsundere Anime character

Anime tsundere girl face drawing

A tsundere, a character who may seem hostile at times, is actually quite nice. These characters are often embarrassed to show their true feelings and have difficulty showing them.

Anime tsundere female character face drawing

You can draw a tsundere with the same expression as an “ordinary” girl.

You can adjust the drawing by drawing the top of your eyelids lower and a smaller mouth to make her smile less.

A “normal girl” can draw a slightly smaller number of pupils and irises than you can. This will give her an unfriendly, but still normal appearance.

A pigtail may be a great hairstyle for a Tsundere, as it gives the character an almost childlike/immature appearance.

Drawing an angry Anime Tsundere character

Anime tsundere girl angry face drawing anime tsundere female character angry face drawing

To create an angry look (and perhaps a little embarrassed), draw your eyes slightly squinted, and lower the eyebrows.

Draw your mouth downwards.

Last, apply some blush to the cheeks using a few small striped lines.

Drawing an embarrassed Animetsundere Character

Anime tsundere girl embarrassed face drawing

This expression is quite common for “tsundere” characters. They are often embarrassed when they express their true feelings, as mentioned previously.

Anime tsundere female character embarrassed face drawing

Draw the “tsundere” expression, which is an embarrassed face. The eyes should be squinting downwards and squinting. The horizontally-widening mouth should be wider than the top. Keep in mind, however, that the jaw should be drawn slightly lower when the mouth is opened.

Lower your eyebrows.

Drawing a Yandere-Anime Character

Anime yandere girl face drawing

A yandere can be described as the reverse of a tsundere. A character who is friendly and polite but can be very hostile. Extreme versions of this character may be downright insane.

Anime yandere female character face drawing

You can draw the normal face of the yandere the same way as the “ordinary girl”, with big eyes and friendly expressions.

To give an indication that she may have something “off”, you can give her long, but less messy, hair.

Drawing a “Cold Stare” Anime Yandere Character

Anime yandere girl cold stare face drawing

When her true colors emerge, the yandere character is known for her “cold stare” expression. It’s usually directed at a female rival, but it can also be for anyone she is “upset”.

Anime yandere female character cold stare face drawing

This type of face requires that the eyes are slightly squinted and the lower eyelids are drawn in reverse to their normal treatments. Draw the pupils of the eyes very small in relation to the iris with no shadows and small highlights/reflections.

The inner eyebrows should be raised. Draw your mouth slightly open, revealing some teeth.

Draw a Crazy-Looking Anime Yandere Figure

Anime yandere girl-crazy face drawing

This is a crazy face that a tsundere will make for someone she is in love/obsessed with.

Anime yandere female character crazy face drawing

For the crazy expression draw the eyes slightly wider than normal with small irises/pupils/highlights and no shadows.

The eyebrows should be drawn upside-down (from their normal position) with the inner side of the eyebrows raised.

Keep your mouth wide open, but not too wide. For an open mouth, remember to keep your chin slightly lower.

Draw a Shy Anime character

Anime shy girl face drawing

These characters are generally nice and innocent, but they may be shy to speak up.

This type of character will benefit from a “hairstyle that covers one eye”, which reinforces the idea of shyness and hiding. If you prefer a different style, both eyes can be seen in the image below.

Anime shy female character face drawing

This character can be drawn in the same way as an “ordinary girl”, but with smaller pupils and iris to give it a more “scared” look.

Draw a Daydreaming Shy-Anime Character

Anime shy girl daydreaming face drawing

The “shy girls” characters are often lonely and maybe daydreaming all by themselves.

Anime shy female character daydreaming face drawing

Draw the expression daydreaming expression by bringing the eye/eyes to one end of your face, with the top and bottom eyelids slightly elevated. Also, you can draw slightly raised eyebrows

Add some blush to the cheeks and draw the mouth smiling, with the teeth visible.

Draw a Shy Anime Character With an Awkward Style

Anime shy girl awkward face drawing

The shy characters are more likely to avoid eye contact when dealing with others characters and tend to look down. You may notice a nervous smile.

Anime shy female character awkward face drawing

Draw the eye/eyes down to create an awkward expression. The bottom of the iris is slightly covered by your bottom eyelid. Allow a little space between your iris and your top eyelid.

Drawing an Anime Character Tough

Anime tough girl face drawing

They are usually positive characters who may protect the protagonist, but can also sometimes be a nuisance. They may also be interested in “kendo” or martial arts and can often get into fights.

These characters may be accustomed to a ponytail because it gives them the “sporty” look. Athletes often wear their hair down so it doesn’t get in the way.

Anime tough female character face drawing

Draw the eyes with the top of the eyelids down and the lower eyelids slightly raised for a strong-looking character. The inner ends of the eyebrows should be lowered.

Draw your mouth on a light, upside-down curve.

Drawing an Angry-Tough Anime Character

Anime tough female character angry face drawing

“Thinking girl” anime characters are often very emotional and can easily get mad.

Anime tough female character angry face drawing

The angry face draws the eyes to be squintier than usual and lower eyebrows.

The mouth should be open (horizontally). The bottom should be slightly wider than it is.

To reinforce her active character (training or engaging in fights), you can put a little medical tape on her cheek.

Draw a Happy Tough Anime character

Anime tough girl happy face drawing

These characters, as we have already said, can be quite emotional and as likely to be happy than angry.

Anime tough female character happy face drawing

The “tough” girl’s eyes should be closed to create a happy/contented face. This is basically a set of curves and eyelashes. Draw your eyebrows slightly lower than normal (less curve).


Drawing Closed, Closing, and Squinted Anime eyes

Drawing a Delinquent Animal Character

Anime delinquent girl face drawing

This character is often a bully/hostile and can pick fights. The ideal hairstyle for a delinquent is short, messy hair. This will create a “tomboy” appearance for the character.

Anime delinquent female character face drawing

The “delinquent” can be drawn in the same way as the “tough girl”, but the bottom eyelids should be drawn almost straight, and the irises (with all their contents) smaller. Draw the top of your iris covered with the top eyelids. Leave some space between them, and the bottom eyelids.

Draw your mouth upside-down.

Drawing a “One Eyebrow Raised” Delinquent Anime Character

Anime delinquent girl one eyebrow raised drawing

This is the face that anime delinquent characters make when bullying or gloating at someone.

Anime delinquent female character one eyebrow raised drawing

This expression is made by drawing one eye inverted, with the eyebrow pointing down. The eyebrow should be raised and the eye opens slightly wider.

Draw your mouth in a “crooked” smile, with the teeth visible.

Drawing a “Bullying” Delinquent Anime Character

Anime delinquent girl bullying face drawing

This is another example of the “bullying” that delinquents are prone to do.

Anime delinquent female character bullying face drawing

This expression is achieved by drawing the eyebrows in reversed curves. Keep your mouth slightly open.

Drawing an Anime Bookworm Character

Anime bookworm girl face drawing

As the name suggests, the bookworm is a character who spends a lot of time reading and studying. These characters can be a “go-to for advice” character for the protagonist.

This type of person may prefer a neater hairstyle, as they tend to be very meticulous in all they do.

Anime bookworm female character face drawing

The eyes of the “bookworm”, can be drawn almost as easily as the eyes of an ordinary character.

You should draw her mouth straight and without any curves to give her a serious look.

Finally, you will want to gift her glasses. You can find more information about drawing anime glasses here:

How To Draw Manga Glasses

Drawing a Curious Bookworm Anime Figure

Anime bookworm girl curious face drawing

This curious expression is what the “bookworms” have when they read or look at something that interests them. The reflection of light in glasses often hides the eyes.

Anime bookworm female character curious face drawing

The eyes are not shown in the above expression, but you can still use the vertical halfway mark to ensure that the glasses are correctly positioned.

The mouth should be drawn close to a “round square” shape.

Drawing a Bookworm-Anime Character

Anime bookworm girl shy face drawing

Sometimes, the “bookworm” can be shy towards people they love.

Anime bookworm female character shy face drawing

If you are shy or a “bookworm”, draw your eyes normal, but raise the eyebrows towards the middle of the face.

Add some blush to your cheeks and draw the mouth in a light smile.


The tutorial on drawing anime characters is over. There are many other aspects and archetypes that go into creating a character, but it is difficult to cover them all in one tutorial. This is the longest tutorial on 3dvkarts.

These examples should be enough for you to start creating other types of characters.

You can also find other types of characters with different proportions here:

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For more manga and anime-inspired facial expressions, and advice on drawing personality-related artwork, you can also visit the tutorial below:

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