How to draw Anime Boy Face || Arima From Tokyo Ghoul

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Kylie Jenner with Pencil

Step 1

Start by drawing an egg-shaped shape to guide the head Then sketch your face’s guide. Once you’ve finished you can add the shoulders and neck lines.

Step 2
Here , you can draw the face’s actual shape and the hairstyle. The hair is short and features long, shaggy hair. Include some details to his hair to add some look and feel.

Step 3
Let’s take a look at the shape of Arima’s face in the same way and add the form of his ears.

Step 4
It’s time to frame those glasses that he wears every day. Once you’ve done that draw the mouth and nose and eyes. Note how his expression is not a constant change.

Step 5
The head and face are fixed. We’ll now follow the form of his neck. then draw the shirt’s the collar’s opening and hem.

Step 6
In the last drawing phase All you need to draw is the collar of the coat, which is rigid and straight. The shoulders should be added and you can then draw the guidelines for the design of the jacket. Remove all mistakes and you’re in a position to eliminate the directions.

Step 7
The line should look similar to the image you can see below. Color your own Tokyo Ghoul and then show everyone what the work you’ve done.

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