We will show you how to draw the eyes of an anime boy. You know that anime artists pay great attention when drawing the eyes. You can see large, expressive eyes in all anime styles. You can also sketch or draw other facial features. The eyes are very detailed.

Step 1

Let’s now look at how to draw the eyes of an anime boy. This step involves identifying the location and shape of the eyes on the paper. Draw three lines across the paper. The height of your eyes will be determined by the distance between horizontal lines. The position of your sketch will determine where the eyes are on the sheet. These lines can be drawn without precision drawing aids.



Step 2

Draw the top edges for the anime eyes. It will be easier if you start by drawing light lines, then draw larger strokes. The eyes’ upper edges will appear wider and more symmetrical. For the best result, follow the markup instructions from the first step.


Step 3

Draw the bottom edges around the eyes. You can create the right outlines by using lighter lines. The final contours will appear thinner medially. It looks like two obtuse corners. The bottom of the corner coincides with the horizontal baseline. It’s starting to look more anime-like.


Step 4

Drawing eyes is all about pupils. This is particularly true in anime. The location and shape of the pupils have a significant impact on the look and emotional background of the whole picture. Draw rounded pupils that are approximately at the center of your eyes. Do not try to create perfectly round outlines. Pay particular attention to the localization.


Step 5

Let’s continue our analysis of this guide to drawing anime boy eyes. Make sure that the proportions and shapes are correct. Pay close attention to the direction and nature of your gaze. You can remove the guidelines if this is what you intended. The outlines of your eyelids should be drawn parallel to your eyes.


Step 6

Draw the eyebrows’ outlines. Do not try to draw perfect symmetrical shapes. Your anime character’s gaze direction and character can also be affected by the shape of your eyebrows. Darken the pupil with dense, single-layer shading. It is obvious that both pupils are hatching in the same direction.


Step 7

It was an amazing job. You can draw the face if you want to make an anime face. Another option is to draw several pairs of eyes that represent different emotions, such as anger, surprise, joy, and so on.


We hope you found this tutorial helpful. You will soon be a great artist if you practice as much as you can. You can also try our tutorials to draw anime men and anime women. We appreciate your comments on our social media networks.

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