How To Draw Anime Bodies Female Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

In drawing an image it is best to begin by drawing the head. First, draw an outline of a circle.

Step 2

Create the chin by drawing a triangle-like design in the middle of the circle. However, it should be drawn with slightly curly lines.

Step 3

Divide the head into two. The lower half is where the facial characteristics are drawn. Then, divide the top first half in two.

Step 4

Now , you need to split the lower two halves into two equally sized parts. The purpose behind this division is to figure out where to place your eyes as well as the lips and nose.

Step 5

Draw the eye in between the two lines (1 and 2) The nose should be between the 3 and 2 lines and then place your mouth on the fourth divide line, also known as the fourth line.

Step 6

The body is next. The male body is divided into eight equal parts that are roughly similar to the size of the head. But, while the female body is divided into seven and a half pieces and the female body tends to be smaller and has a curvier.

Step 7

Make a figure with a stick using the dividers as a reference. The joints will usually be on the guide, with the shoulder that is slightly lower and the elbow in between lines 2 and 3. Here’s a quick guide to the outcome of each division: 1->chin2-> where the ribs come to an end between lines 2 and 3> navel and elbow just below 3 the wrist and groin> fingertips 5 -> knee 6- lower part of the calf muscle 7> ankle 7.5 Plantar foot.

Step 8

Create the contours of your body after reading the directions. Be aware that women have soft, oval bodies whereas males have trapezoidal, angular body shapes.

Step 9

Hair and you’re done! That’s it! The female version of your preview has been now complete!

Step 10

Take an aspect from the side 3/4 and then create the pose. Draw a circle, and this time turn the chin towards the either left or right. Draw it with the left side facing. It is possible to use the shape of a triangle as guide.

Step 11

Draw a curved line that begins on the head’s top and finishing on the lower chin. These lines will serve as guidelines for the eyes, mouth, and nose and symbolize an upper portion of the view from the side of your head but in 3/4 view.

Step 12

Draw a line of reference to the eyes by drawing two lines, and then draw the eye’s corners.

Step 13

Create two guides, then include the mouth and nose. The ears can also be drawn with these lines as the ears are exactly the same size as those lines.

Step 14

The next step is the shoulders and the torso. Draw them using the lines of bones, and outline of the shapes, and circles to represent joints.

Step 15

Similar steps for the arm. Remember that the forearm as well as arm are identical in size to the head!

Step 16

For hands, you can use an oblong and an arc as the basis forms. The hand’s palm is shaped like an oblong, while the thumb and the rest of the fingers form a triangular.

Step 17

The same procedure is followed for the crotch and hips. Keep in mind that women are broad and curvaceous in this area!

Step 18

Repeat the same procedure for your legs. Take note of the proportion! The size of the torso as well as hips is the same as the space between the knees and the hips.

Step 19

For the foot, utilize polygons that focus on the heel, ankle, and pads on the foot.

Step 20

After that, add hair and clothes. Clothing shouldn’t stick on the person unless too tight. Take the shape of the human body for drawing them out and make sure to include the folds! Congratulations! You’ve done it.

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