How to Draw Anime and Manga Noses -

How to Draw Anime and Manga Noses

How to Draw Anime and Manga Noses

This tutorial will show the art of drawing manga and anime noses from a front perspective, side view, and 3/4 views in various styles.


Drawing Anime and Manga Noses

Anime noses different styles of drawing

If you’d like more details about how to put the nose on the top of the head then you should check out the Drawing and Animation Girl’s Head as well as the Face tutorial.

How to draw anime and manga noses

The most notable characteristic of manga and anime noses is that they are usually tiny and sharp with specifics like nostrils that aren’t drawn in any way. Of course, there are many variations in the style, some of which are displayed in the above image.

In this tutorial, we will break the noses down into three principal types:

  • Basic nose drawn using just lines
  • The nose is defined by shadow
  • Semi-realistic nose

Drawing a Basic Anime or Manga Nose

Anime nose drawing different views

It is the simplest design of anime noses and is the easiest to draw.

Basic Nose Front View Drawing

Anime nose drawing

To show the side perspective that is the least basic of noses, you could draw it with an asterisk or a dash. Depending on how simple you would like the design to be, you may choose to avoid drawing the nostril when displaying the face at the top.

The best way to place your nose would be to start horizontally and vertically divide the head into two halves. To draw the vertical position, place this type of nose in the middle of the head. In the horizontal position, place it between the halfway point of the horizontal and the chin.

It is possible to place the nose slightly lower or higher depending on the style and the kind of character you wish to portray, but ensure that it is close to the region that was previously described. This will be explained in more depth in the video tutorial.

Basic Nose 3/4 View Drawing

Anime nose drawing 3/4 view

For the 3/4-view, you can maintain the vertical positioning of the nose exactly the same as you would for that of the face view. The vertical position of the nose is the center of your face. It is easy to estimate the approximate location this is by drawing an upward line from the curvature of the forehead until the top of your chin.


Since you are only drawing the line at the end of your nose, you should draw it a bit away from the line, to ensure that the empty space can be able to accommodate the whole thing (if you actually draw it out).

You can provide an indication of the nose using just two lines curved as shown in the above example. You can also sketch the upper curve or even a simple dot/dash like what you see from the side.

To draw the head in 3/4-view, refer to:

How to Draw an Anime Female Face 3/4 View

Basic Nose Side View Drawing

Anime nose drawing side view

When drawing a side view, for perspective from the side ensure that you maintain the vertical position of the nose in the manner described earlier, and in the previous illustration. The most common mistake that rookies make is not putting in the correct facial characteristics in drawing the same face from different perspectives.

It’s difficult to find an exact guideline to determine the horizontal position of the nose from a side view since this is influenced by the facial type as well as the length of the nose and the style. The general rule is to make it appear as if it’s sticking out over the forehead.

Create the nose shaped like a check mark using a short lower curve and a pointed tip and a longer upper curve.

Drawing an Anime or Manga Nose Using Light and Shadow

Anime nose shadow drawing different views

Another way of drawing an anime nose is using simple shading. It is possible to create a completely black or have a grey/dark tone based on the color you’re using color, or but.

Shaded Nose Front View Drawing

Anime nose shadow drawing

In the front view, divide the head in two horizontally and vertically (same as the first illustration in the instructional). Draw the nose shadow on the opposite end of the vertical line and its horizontal location between the jawline and the horizontal halfway point of the face.

The shadow itself is somewhat like an oval, with the side which is facing towards the horizontal line, which is slightly more rounded.


Shaded 3/4 View Drawing

Anime nose shadow drawing

To get the perspective of 3/4, it is possible to put the nose in the position described in the previous example. It is placed horizontally between the midpoint between the top of your head and the lower part of the chin. The vertical position is based on a line drawn from the forehead towards the chin.

Shade the bottom of the nose using an outline that is larger at the bottom of the nose, and smaller towards the point. Draw the upper portion of the nose by drawing simple curves and make sure the tip is pointed.

In contrast to the simple nose, you can make the upper curve a bit larger and more distinct so that it doesn’t get “lost” compared to the huge shaded area.

It is important to note that this shading of the nose is applicable to common lighting conditions. If you would like to shade your face or nose in different lighting conditions, please refer to:

How to Shade an Anime Face in Different Lighting

Shaded Side View Drawing

Draw a nose shadow for Anime from a side view

To draw this perspective from the side of the “shaded nose” you can draw it without shading (exactly the same as the side view in the first illustration). Since the shadow is utilized to define the nose, there is no need to use it to be drawn in a position in which the shape of the nose has already been clearly defined.

In general, the “shaded style” of anime/manga noses might be better for those who want to create a more serious-looking design, yet still, keep the look of manga or anime. Sometimes, it’s used when showing close-ups of characters’ faces.

Drawing a Semi-Realistic Looking Nose

Anime realistic nose drawing different views

For a more authentic-looking anime nose, draw it closer to the traditional art. With curvier lines and a greater focus on the finer details. It’s also possible to highlight the nostrils/nostrils from all angles.

Semi-Realistic Nose Front View Drawing

Drawing the realistically animated nose

Similar to the two previous examples in the front view. To get the side view of the real nose, begin by dividing the head half vertically and horizontally. Draw the nose using its bottom at the halfway point between the horizontal midpoint on the head as well as the top of your chin. Make use of the vertical halfway mark to place the nose in the center of the head.

The sides on the nose’s bottom identically, but provide some hint about the nasal bridge only on one side. If you wanted to shade the drawing, this will be the “shadow side” or “shadow side”. The reason why you should only showcase only one side of the bridge is that showing both sides could create a visual strangeness (you could try it out for yourself).


Semi-Realistic Nose 3/4 View Drawing

3rd view

For the 3/4-degree view, continue to position the nose in the same way as the two examples before by drawing a line from the forehead towards the lower part below the cheek.

Draw the bridge and bottom of the nose using curves similar to that of the first example, but make them slightly longer to ensure that they can better define the shape of the nose. Give a hint to the nostril. You can also draw the outline of the tip of the nose using the under curvature.

Semi-Realistic Nose Side View Drawing

Realistic nose animation side view

Similar to the previous two examples, position an almost realistic side view of the nose between the horizontal midpoint on the top of your head. the lower part of your chin. The nose should be horizontally just a little bit past the forehead.

Draw the nostril’s tip with an angle (not sharp) and draw a slight glimpse at the tip of your nostril.

Anime Noses Positioning

As previously mentioned, the position of anime noses may differ according to style and character.

Anime nose drawing positioning

In the above image of a more realistic facial expression, the nose is drawn higher up.

Anime nose lower position drawing

In more stylized characters like in this case, the nose is often drawn lower.

Be aware that these examples of placement are only general guidelines. There isn’t a single set of guidelines for drawing noses. Some artists have strange-looking characters whereas others could be closer to the illustrations in this guide.

Anime and manga noses on the head

The nose can be seen lower on the face. It’s an even more stylized head-over.


Drawing anime noses from any perspective are typically simple. The more stylized the nose, the simpler it will be to draw.

You can play around with making or removing elements or drawing them with different degrees of realism (as illustrated at the beginning of the video tutorial) and then see if you find a style you enjoy.

To draw other facial anime features, refer to:


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